Peavey 5150 II Head

Peavey 5150 II Head

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5150 II Head, Tube Guitar Amp Head from Peavey in the 5150 series.

13 user reviews

Peavey 5150 II Head tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Peavey
  • Model: 5150 II Head
  • Series: 5150
  • Category: Tube Guitar Amp Heads
  • Added in our database on: 04/19/2004

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Peavey 5150 II Head user reviews

Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 13 reviews )
 11 reviews85 %
 2 reviews15 %

MGR/-'s review"Peavey 5150 II"

Peavey 5150 II Head
I bought this amp off a guy in the classifieds. I paid $900 canadian with the footswitch which is a sweet deal

I love the tone, awesome distortion. Many people say this is just for metal but it is also good for punk and alternative rock. LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD LOUD. VERY LOUD. I have it set-up with a 5150 cabinet and a marshall 1960a, CRAZY LOUD ENOUGH TO PLAY STADIUMS.

Very heavey and the clean channel is pretty lifeless, but is decent. Lack of reverb.


Wonderful amp for whoever likes to play punk rock, metal, rock. THIS AMP IS NOT FOR BLUES OR COUNTRY.

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VishNuRoXoUt's review"Really nice high gain head."

Peavey 5150 II Head
The Peavey 5150 II head is very similar to the original. It's 120 watts, all tube. Some of the nice things about the two are that each channel has it's own presence and resonance controls and it's own EQ. One of the changes is that it no longer has a hi and low input. Just a single input. The amp still has an effects loop and it is footswitchable so you can bypass all the effects with one button.


With the addition of separate EQ, presence and resonance controls it is much easier to get nicer tone from both channels. It's a very simple set up and it pretty much comes down to finding a good sound then setting and forgetting.


This amp can get really, really heavy. It's also a very tight amp. Good for fast paced metal and the likes. It's a very high mids sounding amp and really great for lead stuff. The cleans on the 5150 II seem to be a little dirtier than the original or the combo 5150. But footswitchable effects look and separate EQs make this thing the machine it is. Very, very good sounding metal amp, though it can't do a whole lot more than heavy music.


Essentially, this amp does a few things but very well. It's not overly versatile, but if you're looking for a really tight balls to the wall high gain amp this excels at that. It's nice to have the separate EQing and all that and the footswitchable fx loop is rad, but this was a case of another amp that just wasn't for me. Luckily I got it for an unbelievable price, only $300. My favourite 5150 amp I've played is still the original 2x12 combo. It's much more versatile while remaining to be super heavy. These amps are pretty cheap on the used market though, so I'd say it's a great value.

drkorey's review"Great Amplifier!"

Peavey 5150 II Head
The Peavey 5150II is a 120W guitar amp head. It has 6 - 12AX7s in the preamp and 4 6L6 power tubes. Includes footswitchable lead/rhythm channel select, effects loop, 3-band standard EQ for each channel, plus resonance and presence controls on each channel. Rhythm channel includes pre/post gain and bright/crunch switches. Lead channel includes pre/post gain controls only. Preamp output. Footswitch included. 4, 8, or 16 ohms.
The clean.rhythm channel share EQ controls.


It is fairly easy to get a good metal, rock and clean sound out of this amp with minimal tweaking. The EQ controls do not have a very wide sweep and don't change the sounds a great deal.
The manual is clear and gives you good information.


I have used Gibson V's, Les Pauls and ESP KH-2 guitars with this amp and it lets the characteristic of each guitar through but also slightly colors each of them and make them sound the same due to the "Peavey mids".

My favorite sounds are the metal, rock and 80’s rock sounds, which I think this amp excels at. I usually go for a nice thick Jerry Cantrell AIC tone, to use with my modern rock/metal band. This amp can get you any heavy tone you want (especially with an extra EQ in the loop) and pretty good cleans. Suits my style of music nicely.

The clean tones are OK and rather plain but usable.


Overall, this is a fantastic amp, especially for what you can buy them for on the used market.
The features I like the most are footswitchable clean/rhythmchannel, which makes the amp a three channel one. the great tone shaping options on each channel.

The only drawback for me is the sub par clean channel. I did not need to use this channel a lot so it was ok for what I needed.

This amp is a well built tone generator that can give you many tones. I have had many amps and for hard rock and metal this would be one of my top choices – especially for the used market price they go for.


Hatsubai's review"Similar, yet different from the original"

Peavey 5150 II Head
With the success of the 5150, Peavey once again collaborated with EVH to create an updated version of the 5150. On the outside, the 5150 II seems similar to the 5150. Peavey added separate EQs, a more elaborate channel switching system so you can switch the crunch channel via the new footswitch, rear adjustable bias, a revised sound and another 12AX7 tube. However, their execution came with mixed results...


The separate EQ was a much welcomed addition to the 5150 II. No longer do you have to compromise between the clean/crunch and the lead channel. The previous 5150 was fixed biased, and it was biased very cold. The new 5150 II has an adjustable rear bias with test points, but it's still not possible to truly bias these amplifiers. The range of the pot is too small to get the tubes to their optimal mA. The test points are also useless as they don't measure tube current draw -- they measure voltage. Why Peavey added these, I honestly have no clue. If you're planning on biasing this with a multimeter, you'll need to get these points modified. Still, the most significant changes are actually in the tone.


With the 5150's huge success, you'd figure the evolution would be even bigger. However, the 5150 II's tone changed compared to the older model. The clean channel has been revised, and we can finally get a nice clean tone for once. That was a wonderful addition to the amp. The revised lead channel, however, came with mixed results. While still having more than enough, the amp has less gain than the previous one. On top of that, the amp shifted its midrange from low mids to high mids. A lot of people found themselves missing the low mid grunt the 5150 delivered. The amp didn't have nearly the track record the original one did because of the revoicing.


The opinions on the 5150 II gets more mixed results than the previous model. Those that love it praise its versatility, more Marshall-esque midrange and ability to cut through the mix a bit better. Those that hate it claim it lacks the famous low, chest pounding midrange that the original was famous for. Personally, I feel it's a great amp, and while it doesn't sound like the original, it doesn't really have to. I feel that it would have been accepted a bit more if it were given a different name when it was first introduced. While I prefer the original, the 5150 II is definitely an amp to consider if you're looking for a somewhat versatile high gain amplifier.

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