Ibanez S320
Ibanez S320

S320, STC-Shaped Guitar from Ibanez in the S Standard series.

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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 3 reviews30 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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mrik80's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
Made in Indonesia
Channel Wizard II 3-piece maple 22 frets
-Bridge: ZR Tremolo type floyd
Micro-Neck: INF1 Humbucker, Bridge: INF2 Humbucker,
-A volume knob and a tone
5-position selector switch
-Chrome Fittings
-Weathered Black Mahogany body finiton


As usual with ibanez everything to help the solo technical legato, tapping, ... All passes smoothly with very good access to acute and flat and a round end.

The guitar is very light and well balanced which makes the game for hours!
No marks of keys apart on the 12th box (and on the edge of the handle) which can confuse or hinder some. Not me! I think it's very good to work his knowledge of the handle.
Another floyd a great, stable, strong and powerful with a very convenient setting.

For sound, it's simple, one branch, triturated volume and tone, and we send!


Mics inf bases 1 and 2 do not really have me hooked. Even if they are usable, the microphones are too neutral and cold enough in my opinion.

After adding new pickups seymour duncan SH-2 and SH-5 and a push-pull system for micro splitter (beware if you want to ask a push pull to do so on the volume knob because the body are not broad side of the earpiece) is getting an excellent, dynamic and much warmer. The sounds are crisp and clear as versatile as clean distortion. We go from jazz, blues, and styles of extreme worry free!

I play it on a peavey classic Vtx and the result is beyond my expectations!


I use it for a year and I tried a bunch of different models. It's great what is most striking is that we have a very good guitar for a very affordable, even in my opinion, equivalent to some models in prestige ibanez I've tried.
It's good stuff: foyd stable pink, a light guitar, a 3-piece Wizard neck, ... Remains to change the pickups and it's all good.
Look at the guitar is very sober all depend on your taste in the matter, he must love!

An exceptional value for money I bought 300 euros I think (about 500 counting the new pickups). For a guitar that sounds better than a R purchased 300 euros more expensive. What you ask for?
A choice I would do with your eyes closed.

mrik80's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
Manufactured in Indonesia
-Manche Wizard II 3-piece maple 22 frets
-Chevalet: Type vibrato floyd ZR
-Non Channel: INF1 Humbucker, Bridge: Humbucker INF2,
-A Volume knob and a Tone
-Slcteur 5 positions
-Accastillage Chrombr /> -Body mahogany finiton Weathered Black


As usual with Ibanez everything is done for the technical solo; lgato, tapping ... Everything passes without problem with a very good access to acute and a flat and thin neck.

The guitar is trslgre and well balanced which makes the game for hours!
No repres keys set from the 12th box (and on the edge of the handle) which can drouter or GNER some. Not me! I think it's even good for working knowledge of the sleeve.
Another point floyd a good, stable, strong and powerful with a system of rglage very practical.

For sound, it's simple, plug, triturated volume and tonality and sent!


The basics of microphones inf 1 and 2 do not really accrochs me. Even if they are exploitable, the microphones are too neutral and quite cold my opinion.

After addition of new pickups Seymour Duncan SH-2 and SH-5 and a push pull system for micro splitter (careful if you want to ask a push pull to do on the volume button for the box are not wide enough of the cost of the tonality is getting an excellent, dynamic and much warmer. The net sonorits are versatile and prcises distortion as clean. We go from jazz to blues and extreme styles without worries!

I play on a peavey classic Vtx and the result is above my expectations!


I use it for 1 year and I tried a bunch of model DIFFERENT. This is gnial what strikes most is that we have a very good quality guitar for a very affordable price, even my opinion, some models quivalente prestige Ibanez home I could try.
It's good stuff: foyd steady rose, a lightweight guitar, a wizard sleeve in 3 parts, ... Rest change the pickups and it's all good.
Level look the guitar is very simple just will depend on your taste in the MATIRE, you must love!

Exceptional quality for money I bought 300 euros it seems (approx. 500 counting the new pickups). For a guitar that sounds better than R bought 300 euros more expensive. What you ask for?
A choice I would do eyes closed.

chainsawrazor's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the sound of a razor blade"

Ibanez S320
Manufactured in: Indonesia
Neck: Wizard II 3-piece maple with 22 frets (personal, I automatically put 24 frets)
Body: Mahogany
Bridge: ZR Tremolo type floyd (Floyd ibanez)
Micro Channel: INF1 Humbucker, replaced in 2010 by an EMG 85
Bridge Pickup: Humbucker INF2, replaced in 2010 by an EMG 81
Settings: a volume knob
tone (which I removed by passing under EMG lack of space in the cavity)
5-way switch (replaced by a 3-position requires EMG)
Hardware: Chrome
Finish: Weathered Black


The neck of this guitar is a real highway, ibanez neck forces, access to acute is a treat.
The guitar is very heavy due to the thickness of the body.
The absence of marks on the neck, except for two points on the 12th box can be confusing but are present on the edge of the handle, which compensates!
The failure that greatly facilitates my 2 knob turning on the machine, the sound is very easy to obtain.


I play mainly metal (heavy, thrash, death) but also rock and this guitar lends itself very well!
The original neck pickup (INF1) as a bit messy distortion ', but defended himself well clean.
The original bridge pickup (INF2) lacked a bit of gloss in clean, but quite good in distortion ', the palm-mute was a happy, singing harmonics.
To overcome this lack I've changed to a pair of EMG 85/81, but be careful with this guitar, one must make sacrifices if you want to switch to active pickups, in fact, the trapping is not huge, and m'aquitter I have my tone knob to be able to place the battery. But now she really the sound of a chainsaw, the palm mute shook the walls of my apartment, artificial harmonics scream, fuck the bomb dives all.
I played on an amp Morris, an antiquity of 60W while transistors with 60 years of Boss ML2 and a Boss OD-1, and it sounded the thunder!
But it would sound even better on a dual-adjust to home Messa Boogie, but lack of means, I could not say what I said.
Sound level, this guitar has no weak


I use it for two and a half years, I had tried other models before making my purchase (Ibanez RG, RGA, SA, SV, FR), but the RG, RGA and FR were heavier than the S320, and the SA and SV were less than face!
For its quality / price, this guitar deserves a 10 because I do not know style guitar with such a good sound and a beautiful face.
What I like about this guitar, everything!
I would do without hesitation that choice, except maybe for the S420, which owns the famous 24th box!

kavboss's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good stuff precise and original"

Ibanez S320
Manufacturing Indonesia
ZR bridge with ZPS2 * (Ibanez Floyd)
Manche Wizard II 3-piece Maple 22 frets * (24 frets to the S420)
Micro Ibanez INF1 INF2 for the handle and the bridge.
Mahogany body.


Level set, the reputation of Ibanez no longer has to do is the bomb!
Adaptation has a body so thin is nice, although a guitarist friend does not like him, I became quickly adapted, and I choose this guitar mainly in form original and enjoyable. Weight it is suitable, say it is surprising because it is expected something closer to a lightweight, yet we feel that the quality of wood is therefore weighs a little weight, but nothing alarming .. . Access to acute "bandit" to be honest, it feels even blocked by the size of the handle, sometimes we try to go further. For settings, a simple micro selector that offers 5-position selection microphone, a volume knob and one tone knob ...
The floyd parcontre a killing him, we can force all you want forever will remain in his hands, words of practicing!


Its sounds terrible with the saturation, a little less clear sound, I turn on a Fender FM 212R and I have a zoom multi effects g2.1u, a Boss DS-1 and MD-2.
A guitar purely for the soloists, for me as the rhythm of the group I miss her a little to have a clear sound not so clear that his, but as quote above, a rhythmic distortion and here we go again!


I use it since the beginning of the year (2011), I try many Ibanez, and yes it has an original style and sound versatile bridge pickup is much beefier than the neck pickup and this may be what makes the default a bit, but I think change the microphone. The value for money is good, it is just right. Over time I would see anyway for another guitar, because you get tired of all the same color matte unglazed, finally it is only details of taste, but it's a guitar if you try have the opportunity.

Krius's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
said above


handle very very pleasant, meixu that LOTS of other brands, ergonomics and the best, it weighs bugger all, and super simple to move well above the access to acute and very simple is obtained easily and a good sound, only thing bad, the mic are not enough for the metal pechus


I play metal, its happening with my nano pocket metal muff Electroharmonix, but otherwise it's not really his great predilection.

I like it all sonnoriter, the only bad, it's a knob volume tonnaliter ea.


I gained aujurd'hui 10:30

I had liver test several in-store (for a year and each liver as I go, I try ^ ^)

I had a lot of the guitar before that, and that, I feel that I VAIT keep it long and pampered more than my wife! ^ ^

I like the feature that the control test and jack: (, but I quibble ^ ^

Raport excellent value for money, I would do is choose if I had the same budget, if I take a model in dessu!

Lpu123456's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
CHARACTERISTICS of electric guitar Ibanez S320-WK:
Mahogany body
Channel 5 parts by Wizzard II Saddle
22 jumbo frets
Pitch of 648mm
Nut width 43mm
ZR tremolo
Fittings chrombr /> INF1 Humbucker in the neck position
INF2 humbucker in the bridge position
Slecteur microphones 5 positions
SETTING THE 1 volume, 1 tonalitbr /> Finish: Weathered Black
I personally would have AIM 24th a box but I ca buy has a 24 frets h h


I love this guitar has a very good grip is a handle ibanez known for their ease of access
lack of marks on the neck but does nothing to chanque vrmt the way to play from the moment we are not beginner
very light and very fine, and I must say I love ca
very easy to use a volume knob and a Tone


Personally I play a little while from pop to heavy metal and I must say that I have rarely seen a guitar as versatile at a price so low when I play really clean it sounds almost like an acoustic when I play vrmt we go at warp to another world in a word, love
I play a fender frontman but I just bought the Peavey Vypyr 75 we'll see what comes of it when I had but what versatility
EDITORIAL: Finally I took the line6 spider III 210 is too beautiful
EDITORIAL 2: I'll get a little more dimension to me knowing that I realize that it is flat removes a lot of vibration and thus the bcp are clean and sound as good disto not enough punch


I really was charmed in every way with this guitar but the only downside is I can be is the fact that there have blocked a string ibanez and put in all the time but that was a I choose a block without a rope ... very very very good qualitprix I think there'll have been better to have the fact that the body is the end removes a lot of good sound and the pickups are not top

lieksa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
Well I think the guys below are well-written that part already and I think I have a thing to add.
except for the floyd it clear that I have not fully understood but it is not the best system I've ever used there is a tension wheel which avoids made out of the toolbox as soon as wants to change the tuning ...


As explained below the neck is sublime, from my point of view I love the sleeves flat, it slides, it goes fast it's comfortable as possible, but my second guitarist he is a fan of soft V neck style razorback deans ...
So here's a question of taste, access to acute is nikel.
to be a little shit disturber we will say that I loved 24 cases, the shape is very nice weight and a real pen next to my other guitars (razorback, ESP EX, 7-string ...)
I do quite a scene and I move a lot and it's up to me, all I can with her weight and ergonomics.


Okay so I play as the metal, especially the melodic death metal so I alternate heavy riffs and solos ... So she fills both solo rhythm that I played on a krank revolution and one with a pedal board (ns2, mt2, reverb, wah ...)
so I think the pickups are not rotten yet I am rather in the style EMG and Seymour but strangely I have still not changed! So good even for me who wants big sound it gives me.
clean in his purring is beautiful, and that define each microphone position gives me sounds more or less chattering and I play a lot.
Send it in disto mullet, no harm has come out of the harmonic solos chained it goes fast and it's not size in the lace, the bridge pickup possesses a lot of bass for lovers of warm, fat is not bad .
right after it's clear that I speak for the metal but the guitar and super versatile and I think we can play anything and everything with it a great advantage!


I use it for 2 years, I love the ergonomics, I too entered the jack which is hard enough, I had to change the stem of the original floyd do not screw it rather strange but good is the detail, I have several guitars and I tried not particularly I walked into a store I saw I tested and I am left with so I stayed stuck!
It must be said that given the pric you can afford the € 450 favorite not need to sell his girlfriend ^ ^
I would do not only purchase but also in a tate I buy a 2nd, I live like two guitars (2 tunings) I wish I could play on this model!

stratogugus's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
Guitar-making in South Korea.
-Mahogany Body, an African wood that is trslger I think (the guitar break everything must weigh 1.5kg) and whose appearance is very Aesthetics apprciable my taste. The gap appearing derrire wood painting matt black.
Three-handle set trsrussi wizard type II (I try dja ibanez in this price range or the handle does far less enjoyable than l. However, it has only 22 cases (which I find thundering for this brand) dlimiter with jumbo frets types (which are less painful to the fingers when making slides). possde not handle this one repre the 12th case (which is not dramatic view I look at the repre be above the handle and in addition giving a rate mystrieux guitar) and rosewood is used can be a little too dull my taste.
Two home-Ibanez humbucker, one bridge and one in INF2 INF1 of the cot shaft.
A trestle-yet type in Ibanez ZR Zero Point Systm but I not quite understood the explanations of the ibanez site (it's too complicated for me to calibrate vibrato poor science of Eng engineer in the terminal). It seems he has the possibility to be fixed or floating simply by switching a stem.
-Rglages could not be more simple but effective: a Tone for the two pickups, one volume and one gnral slecteur 5 position (starting from the most upright position on a right-handed guitar ) select humbucker in the bridge pickup, bridge pickups, but then the splitter, then both pickups split, then the neck pickup splitter and finally the neck pickup in humbucker (I t know if I clear?) .


-The handle is (as mentioned just above) super comfortable. Its going to be hard can be jou thumb (it's not too much style that plays on Ibanez in general) but you can chords without too tired this. As used to make, handle and super flat and relatively wide to delight our mimine shreeder apprentice. However, it has only 22 boxes. The treble is not difficult to get as much: the pan goes off trs profondment in the guitar and the junction body handle is rounded making it imperceptible (j'exagre when even a little) .
-This guitar is the most ergonomic one I just try. Ultra thin rounds around it push our bodies perfectly when playing sitting (she is sensual phrase, you are not). It is perfectly balanced and possde a featherweight.
-The vibrato seems to be trs Hon. It has a rounded shape which makes it enjoyable to the eyes and hands (not that yen hurt in their solos fren, stumbling against a screw screwed up badly or I do not know what). I do not know if there is much agreement there is no avai rod vibrato for the martyr.


I try this on a guitar amp Elka (all transistor amplifier 100 or 120 watt that I find my horible rate jtm 60).

In his clear, the two may have humbucker sound trs soft playing on the tone. The positions are trsrussis splitter and make the guitar trs versatile, approaching its stratodiens on the intermediate position (which I strongly recomand you for your arpges)

This guitar is well on the road with plenty of saturation (field of prdilection Ibanez of this kind). This guitar should register quite extreme, and Mtal company. However, I find the pickups nergique enough, the artificial harmonic and other loud sounds that are hard to hear. The set is a little too flat my taste.
May be that this guitar MRIT ample microphones better bill (such as which team Dimarzio The models most prestigious Ibanez). However I am not a specialist in in the Contents and perhaps watch the Honourable trs sound this guitar offers its clear.
In any case, the violin is trsrussi, allowing a good sustain.


I play it occasionally. In Ralite the guitar of a friend.
This guitar is trs comfortable, versatile and super cute.
I try some ibanez mid-range and that is probably the most Russian me.
The report is probably qualitPrix INTERESTED trs (it's not me who buy them is I do not know how the owner had his).

loloduke's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
- Manufacturing Korea, I guess (the Japanese manufacturing model is reserved for prestige)
- 24 frets, pickups IBZ INF1 neck + HH INF2 bridge
- ZR Tremolo Ibanez vibrato (tremolo with ball bearings)
- 1 volume pots, 1 tone, 5 position selector
- Mahogany body, maple neck Wizard II 3-Piece 22 jumbo frets, rosewood fingerboard the most beautiful effect.

From classic. 5-way switch that allows to split the pickups for versatility.
The vibrato is innovative since, ball bearings intended to eradicate the problems of wear of the knives of classic Floyd Rose vibrato & licenses.
Another innovation: a screw to adjust the intonation without Disagree. practical and well thought out.
Another innovation: screw the tension of the vibrato, to set the base of it with your thumb!


- Sleeve satin enjoyable. Not super flat. Suit all hands. binding only on the 12th. a bit confusing.
- Access to frequencies. Good.
- Ergonomics: great, it's a Sabre. shape and weight. any gene that side.
- Good basic sound by playing with the switch. other interesting sounds by adjusting the volume and tone.

The use of vibrato is a bit confusing at first: the stem is too high and the resistance (ZR Zero Resistance) gives the impression not to operate a vibrato. But I think we should get used to.


I was initially negative on micro (ibanez = yuck)
Well I was pleasantly surprised. This is not the high end, but it's very very convenient. The dynamic is not that of a great brand, but it is clear and warm.
Only drawback, the neck seems a little feeble / bridge.

Versatile, you can type in the jazz, funk, rock, hard rock, metal, blues.

I tried it on Fender Blues Junior. In clear, crunch, it's very good.
Saturation average (see the amp), it makes good too. But I could not try it with a big sound, an area where it should theoretically show the more at ease.
No personality that jumps but at home in almost any style.

Its moderately fat, less than a Les Paul but a basswood or alder.

I put 9 because sharper with microphones, it will sound even better.


I tried it in stores.

I like the ergonomics, versatility, and his chubby Péchu, vibrato that seems to keep the agreement (difficult to judge on new ropes, that being said I tried to fixed bridge guitar which was less agreement, if so)

I like jumbo frets least, the lack of fishing the neck pickup from his friend, the color (it's a personal opinion but since wonder ...), the lack of bindings (good, ca lowers the price)

Value for money: huge! A great versatile guitar, or play the shredders, or 2. With a change of ad-hoc pickups, I do not see what it would have to envy 2x more expensive guitars.

It is no secret that price: solid body, no table, painting basic, no bindings, two microphones (yes, it is always less than 3!)

But in the end, a guitar that sounds, vibrato art that allows all the acrobatics. A great deal.

atchoum50's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Ibanez S320
-To the place of manufacture, I guess it's Japan ... (I do not know at all)
There are 22 Jumbo frets
-Mics are Ibanez INF 1 and 2
-The bridge is a floyd rose, the ZR
-2 Knobs, volume, tonalitbr />-5-way switch
Round-3-roomed Wizzard II


The body shape is fine trs, trs enjoyable. The middle of coprs is normal thickness of a guitar, but on the edges is about 3 times as wide;)
the handle is flat and wide, super enjoyable, too, can go fast. Dernire frets in the CHAC this without difficulty. It is well balance, but not great ... lgre
Note: between jack practical enough to sit on the bed or sofa


Okay so the issue .. I am not an expert.
I play mostly metal and blues, it suits these styles well. But his fate also pretty clear ... we can all play with.
Note: the microphones do not buzz with distortion.
I put 10 for me is perfect.


I use it for about 1 month. What I like most is the shape (body / sleeve) and the floyd rose. It holds well and the agreement is not hard to operate, and simple argler trs. I have no dplait on this guitar. I have not tried other models before buying. The report price is relatively good quality (385 on thomann).
With experience, this choice I would do without any concern.
Trs good guitar!