Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR

Hellraiser C-1 FR, STC-Shaped Guitar from Schecter in the Hellraiser series.

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Mickhendrix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The perfect guitar"

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
See above characteristics


A motorway .... no heel at the back.

It does not go out of tune despite FR, unlike other brands deemed more but less efficient and more expensive.


Total versatility, and with the gear behind, everything is possible given the split possible on two dual micro single pass very fast.


Superb guitar, high-level stuff, perfect finish, real guitar for a great price

Stef-Alex's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
"Crafted in Indonesia" is written on top of the handle.
Original Floyd Rose tremolo
24 frets
micro bridge emg 81tw
micro emg 89 neck
we both can go into single coil.


The neck is super nice, it's really the type of neck I like.
Level weight is no problem but it weighs a bit exaggerating anything.
Y has 24 frets and even access to it is super easy, and I mean HYPER.
we get a good sound? Well I play on a small marshall MG30DFX is not the stuff of pro-and yet the sound is wow ... o_O


I play metal and punk rock, but I have my little moments bluesy's, whatever we do is the sound does not disappoint us, on the contrary!
We can get all kinds of sounds, it depends on the settings that you do.
I love the way single coil EMG 89 in neck to play clear music, the sound is really wonderful it feels to have a Fender Stratocaster in his hands.
I love the emg 81tw in easel to play punk rock and metal, it really sounds very very close to the 81, then what is the same sound ... And me ... well here is what's what, I love ^ ^.
To make fast solos sound is great with a good distortion and EMG 89 in dual mode!


I have purchased a week ago (it was several months that I wanted to buy it but it took away not find a store that sells it at a reasonable price: 999 €).
A few months ago I wanted to change the guitar but had no idea in mind, so I look with my criteria that might interest me and I hesitated guitar from the Gibson Explorer to 1059 €, the ESP LTD EC-1000-989 € and this guitar, so I've tested. I'm not at all like the Gibson Explorer and the ESP LTD EC-1000 was really great.
But the schecter has frets extremely accessible, while the ESP was not great to go to the past, the schecter has vibrato and more, and of course my decision clear sound, really great when you switch singles while ESP on what he had to settle for a humbucker (EMG 60) in the neck and pickups even though it is very good, certainly does not replace a simple micro bob '.

What I like most: all
What I like least: nothing

With experience I will ever be that choice without any hesitation, I'll take it!
Doc cyco12/08/2006

Doc cyco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
CONSTRUCTION / SCALE: Set-Nect w / Ultra Access / 25.5 "
BODY: Mahogany w / Quilted Maple Top
Neck / Fingerboard: 3-pc. Mahogany / Rosewood
Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
INLAYS: Gothic Cross
PICKUPS: EMG active 81/85
ELECTRONICS: Vol/Vol/Tone/3-Way switch
BRIDGE: Original Floyd Rose Tremolo System
BINDING: Abalone
TUNERS: Grover


A Premire view:
Trs-round enjoyable
CASC-Trs good in acute
Its crazy-



It's well hard distortion, the sound me look pretty versatile ....
Pretty clear sound


I will complete this review within a week ...

I have not had too much opportunity to really try it again. I maintain the view for now. I find myself occasionally taped it. Aesthetically it is when even a guitar trsrussi. Change strings in both novice floyd I have a little gallery at beginners, but nothing insurmountable. Once it does not change the firing ca can be done in 30min.

bbiibbii58's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Schecter Hellraiser C-1 FR
Korean. 24 frets, mahogany body with maple veneer (no table mass) wavy, mahogany neck glued and abscense heel, rosewood fingerboard, black net around the instrument, black hardware.
EMG, 2 double coils, one in 81 acute and 85 in a grave. 3-way switch, 1 volume micro and a general tone.
ORIGINAL Floyd Rose tremolo (not a "licensed from ...") and Grover.
The handle type and not too late (Ibanez), not too thick (Gibson), it is close to a template Srate the current, but with frets allow somersaults digital moult.

Instrument very well finished as a whole, no clear default, the Koreans have very serious progress in the art of violin-making industry. It must be said that these Schecters back in the States after making adjustments for depth and variety of adjustments, and are re-shipped to customers around the world then.


The neck is super comfortable and really suits all types of games. I had other C1 in the hands with a friend (Classic, Exotic and 30th Anniversary) and I can say that it is a constant on these models, which are all very easily playable.

Access to acute is beyond reproach because of the junction body / handle, no bead is no embarrassment to get into the highest notes. The cutaway allows generously sized to pass all hands. Trapping normal stomach, and no groove for the right forearm (or left for lefties), since the table is curved (carved).

It weighs a little weight anyway! It is the antithesis of a balsa Parker of Prussia Burmese coated carbon spacial or Ibanez Sabre to 120 grams even with his flycase cast!

But it is good to feel the instrument vibrate against you when you attack, we feel that the guitar "live" as soon as you play! We do not blame him when to be weighing a few "significant" and this will not however hold a gig in 2 hours.

The instrument is very well balanced, the form of C1 stratoïdesque has proven more than once, it does not sting the nose and does not rise unnecessarily.

Do you get a good sound easy? ... Well see "sounds"


I was very rétiscent to use EMG because of the "coldness" that characterizes them (supposedly), and very used to my Dimarzio space that I was getting some practice if not mastery ( ToneZone in acute PafPro in grave - that are excellent at passing pickups).

I had a kit in the past on a strat S/S/81 'that I was not at all. I felt the sound was artificial, without attack, without dynamic, no color saturated, and too light on its rights with excessive brightness. So I went back to a passive Seymour Duncan kit, for a change of DiMarzio.

I complained EMG blindly, without thinking once it was my guitar that was worth not worth it, because with Seymour Duncan (Little59 / SSL2 / Jeff Beck and a simple format with blocks apparent - I forget the name! The JB Jr I think ...) for sure it sounded more "traditional", but I still almost the same feeling - appeared later on that shot - coldness, excessive brightness plain, flat and its distortion, with a soft attack on serious and middle pickups (JB Jr was more dynamic and nervous and just plain "squeaking" in distortion).

And then I discovered the C1 Hellraiser FR with the microphones and then eventually their immense possibilities and potential.
What must be understood with EMG active circuit thanks to their built-in preamp and microphone in each is that they have a dynamic +, the higher harmonics of the notes and therefore better defined, because of the band bandwidth they can provide more extensive than those of traditional passive pickups (the best known of them).
There are no more brilliant or colder means just (finally) frequencies that were not used to hearing so far with DM or DS for example. They are also much more sensitive to the quality of a violin that can not be the passive pickups that mask the weaknesses of more bad scratch. So sorry, edges equip entry-level guitars with EMG, it does a disservice to the microphone, or guitar.

Sure, it sounds not strat'54 or PAF59 (and we understand why), but have a look closely at the guitarothèque Mark Knopfler, where you will see the mix with Paul'59 Pensa Shur increase in EMG, no exploits he's not quite the guy active pickups, right?
And what about Zack Wilde, David Gilmour, Steve Lukather, Larry Carlton (not sure, but still), Kirk & James, Gary Moore, Lee Ritenour, N'Guyen Li (orth?), Bill Frisell, etc ...

So we can get a lot of things with his microphone, and with ease, at least for anyone who will bother!

He must know what kind of results you get with this type of microphones: definition, precision and dynamic (bass players have more quickly understood that we guitarists enclosed in precepts vintagesques Aging sometimes - normal for the vintage will say you ...). The interaction with the violin is important!

I approach a lot of different styles and after many tests, and with my sound system, I can say that:
the distos are sharp and powerful, sustain galore and ultimately beautiful tonal palette with a full and rich, British or US distos, bold and biting (shred, neo-metal, fusion jazz-rock, metal, period, ...).
The clean sounds are clear to be, it looks like the spring water mounting a Saturday morning around 10 am in a valley at 1800 meters on June 22 with a good weather! You add the chorus and you got the birds that come to drink, you put the delay, and that the butterflies that come to turn ... And if it's too bright, cutting tone and slightly increases the gain of 35%, even in clean, jazzy sound that ...

But beware: in some amps clean sounds it must touch the level of input gain on pain of soon to overload the lamp or transistors (adverse tested me on a Marshall Valvestate, who lived a few still ...). These microphones have very standard output levels (less than 81 the Tone Zone for example) but very little impedance: "it unless forced" to return to the preamp stage, so tendon ducts circulate better in a little heavy effects rack.

My gear is:
- Stereo power amp marshall 9200 all-tube (4 x 5881 per channel)
- A preamp. marshall JMP1
- A preamp. Mesa V-Twin
- A multi effects Boss GX700
- One cabinet 4x12 "fabrication by me.
- A V-AMP2 Berhinger

In conclusion: it sounds serious!


I've had three months and I am delighted. This is the best guitar I could afford: Ibanez RG550 upgraded DiMarzio, Ibanez also upgraded SZ520QM DM (good guitar), Ibanez (and yes again ...) S-Prestige 1625TKS also upgraded DM Epiphone Sheraton II (another world).

I love everything about this instrument and have no regrets. Price / quality ratio very good. I would do this chosen without hesitation, and I will perhaps soon to buy the same version fixed bridge.