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MGR/emghzkhtd 01/26/2011

Yamaha RGX121S : MGR/emghzkhtd's user review

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Black Satin finish, 22 frets, 9 gauge standard ernie ball. I have been playing for nearly 10 years on guitar and piano for almost 18 years now. I have been doing mostly just studio work, mostly my own progressive rock compositions. I am a very electic person when it comes to styles of music, i am mainly influence in metal as my primary focus then have ventured out to different genere's i am now just trying to figure out jazz.

Mars Muisc now known as Guitar center, on sale for 199 with gig bag etc.

This guitar can be arguably as a beginner guitar, however looking at the constructions specs its more of a budget guitar. Is this a good beginner guitar yes, for a very enthusiastic and talent promising student. This guitar stock is to be blunt crappy, this was my first guitar. I have owned other guitars from different brands but i use the RGX121s for basically all my recordings. I have upgraded the pick up with dimarzio evolution set pick ups, i have set up this guitar to a lower profile, the rosewood frets makes this a very comfortable feel while making runs, the double cut away gives easy access to the 22 fret registry. The 5 way tone selector gives a variety of Tones. This guitar is a nice weight giving it a nicer tone for a guitar of its price range.

A U neck would make speed runs nice, a higher quality bridge would be nice, it tends to go out of tune after a dive bomb. I placed an extra spring to allow it to go back to tune.

Unlike most low range price guitars this when compared to a squire or start or even an ibanez the quality construction is different, the sound doesn't seem to compare or even the action can't compare to the yamaha. Great feel and sleek finish. Good Sustain if used a better quality bridge.

If yamaha still puts this out, this is a good buy for anyone who is looking for a guitar on a budget. Spends some money on better pick ups. This works well with rectifier amps, and hi gain amps. For jazz tone a fender tube amp gives this a somewhat girtty tone but not really ideal for that really clear tone. Great for the price!

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