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MGR/Alex Guise 12/16/2003

Yamaha RGX121S : MGR/Alex Guise's user review

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I bought this guitar for £189 at PMT in October. The RGX caught my eye as I was looking for a guitar that not only adhered to my rock requirements but also looked good. The glittery purple paint is a great touch and looks brilliant under stage lights.

For me, the best feauture of this guitar is the thin fretboard. I play powerchords with my two middle fingers behind the fretboard so it's obviously much easier when the neck is so thin. I also like the 2 humbuckers and single coil pick-ups, as they look great exposed in black plastic. I've never liked the look of typical strats with the scratch boards, the RGX121S has no scratchboards. The strings are also to easy to play as they do not dig into your fingers too hard when pushing down.

Mine kept going out of tune very easily. However I found later that it was a manufacturing fault as the bridge had not been properly tightened. Since then it has stayed in tune brilliantly, I've been very impressed. Another small problem I've found is that it doesn't sound very good when you palm-mute the strings and play, not like a Tom DeLonge signature Fender Strat for example which sounds great when you mute.

I love the construction. As I mentioned, it looks great .. no scratchboards .. glittery paint .. and seems to be built like a tank. The black chrome tuners and bridge are solid and will keep your guitar in tune for ages. The two metal knobs (volume and tone) have been known to fall off easily, however I have not experienced this or had any problems with them.

If you are an aspiring rock guitarist looking to make a step up then I can honestly recommend the Yamaha RGX121S. It is relatively cheap, but a bargain deal for your money. However, if you are a more advanced guitarist then you may find some feautures of the RGX primative which may limit you in your playing. Bottom line, for an average player like myself .. I love this guitar!!!

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