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MGR/Russ Hillier 03/22/2004

Yamaha RGX121S : MGR/Russ Hillier's user review

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I paid £200 for my guitar from fret music, and was annoyed at the fact that it's cheaper online. do a v.good deal on it compared to in store prices. The guitar looked, played, and sounded nice, and as a second guitar i didnt think £200 was a bad price.

The reaction is minimalistic and makes the fretboard and other strings easy to glide across. The body shape is cool and the colour looks brilliant, but i spose its more about what it sounds like. I've put it through a few big amps, not sure of the wattage but they must have been about 100w, if not close to that, and the pickups handled it easily, with no fuzz or cutting out.

The tone knob is quite loose and comes away pretty easily. I also lost power to one of the pickups so little sound travels if i put the selector switch onto that one, and i have checked inside and the wires all seem connected well, so i dunno why that is. I guess i should go to a shop and ask.

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