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Sigma Steel String Guitars user reviews

  • Sigma DM-5

    Sigma DM-5 - "Great import acoustic."


    DM-5 Dreadnought Specifications = Made in Japan Spruce top Mahogany back and sides Black and white binding Natowood neck (joined at the 14th fret) Rosewood fingerboard Nickel-silver frets Open in-line tuning machines Adjustable rosewood br…

  • Sigma DM-5

    Sigma DM-5 - "Sigma DM-5"


    I have been playing guitars on and off for about 45 years starting with folk, rock and roll, and bluegrass. I wish I had all the guitars I've ever owned. I'm not as good as I should be, but I so enjoy it. I bought 2 Sigma DM-5's on E-bay, one I paid…

  • Sigma DM-5

    Sigma DM-5 - aidan.04's review


    My Martin/Sigma DM-5 dreadnought acoustic guitar was made in Japan in the early 1970's I believe. It has 20 frets, with access up to the 14th fret. It has a solid spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and a rosewood bridge and fingerboard. There is a …

  • Sigma DR-7

    Sigma DR-7 - "Sigma DR-7"


    I had a Yamaha and wanted a guitar with a sweet rounded sound to it. I traded in the Y and added cash to purchase this DR-7. Total purchas price was about $250, about 15 years ago. I have compared it to many manufacturers..even Martin and prefer …

Translated user reviews
  • Sigma 00R-28VS

    Sigma 00R-28VS - " I'm a fan"


    Purely acoustic guitar made in China by this brand, formerly launched by Martin, to compete with Japanese brands and their products at low prices and now revived by a German distributor. Here in the woods: Head / neck: Mahogany / Mahogany Rose…

  • Sigma S 000-42 n

    Sigma S 000-42 n - " I love it!"


    this is exactly the replica of a martin 000-42 the guitar is entirely massive 000-42 n or s it was meeting the usa and is dated and signed by the editor it dates from 1986 UTILIZATION super round comfort eyes closed with new ropes is real…

  • Sigma DMC-15E

    Sigma DMC-15E - " Very good guitar"


    Electro made in China. Very good quality Sigma brand is an old license Martin. All mahogany. UTILIZATION Handle very nice, really impressed. The Fishman preamp is one little easier to deal with. SOUNDS First acoustic, there is a typical…

  • Sigma DM1

    Sigma DM1 - Jim92's review


    Martin Sigma manufacturing under license Korea Manufacturing 20 frets handle matt varnish, 43mm at nut Natural color for mine UTILIZATION The handle is very nice! This is one of its strengths Compared to my Japanese Takamine EN 10C, no …

  • Sigma DM1

    Sigma DM1 - Boogie Monsta's review


    It is a dreadnought acoustic guitar made in Korea, Sigma is actually what Martin is qu'Epiphone Gibson (a license). Pica plywood table (unlike the DM-1ST which is massive), wicker covers back and mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. The mcani…

  • Sigma DM2

    Sigma DM2 - Rom176's review


    Lutherie Corenne Guitar has 20 frets with 14 "open" with a handle normal and enjoyable This is a copy more or less the Martin D28 in the shape and configuration UTILIZATION Mcanique solid and hold the tuning well access to acute difficult i…