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MGR/F. D. Simpson 09/01/2010

Sigma DM-5 : MGR/F. D. Simpson's user review

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I have been playing guitars on and off for about 45 years starting with folk, rock and roll, and bluegrass. I wish I had all the guitars I've ever owned. I'm not as good as I should be, but I so enjoy it.

I bought 2 Sigma DM-5's on E-bay, one I paid about $220.00 it was the older Japanese model with the 'Sigma' on it and the other one was slightly newer Japanese model with the 'Sigma Guitars Est. 1970' script on it which I paid about $190.00.

The guitars sounded EXACTLY alike not only to me but 2 experienced guitar people, one a used guitar store owner and the other a 75 yr old master luthier. There were differences in the weight of the guitars, the older one was noticeably lighter and slightly thinner sides. I sold the older one on E-bay because it is worth more to collectors than the newer one. I have been so impressed with my DM-5 that I sold my Gibson 1969 Country Western acoustic guitar that I bought new in 1970. Don't get me wrong, the Gibson had a nice smooth lower end on it, but recently I've been playing bluegrass and the Sigma has more punch in it which I like. Two changes that I made to the Sigma are bone bridge pins and a bell brass saddle. This really jacked up the sustain and volume of this guitar and got some double takes from the boys playing the Martins at bluegrass night.

I read somewhere on the internet that acoustic Sigma guitars won't or may not stand up to medium or heavier strings. I only saw it one place (I can't remember where). I am using D'Addario EJ14 which are medium lows and light highs.

The overall construction of these guitars is excellent, very, very little belling of the top of the guitars, not enough to warrant any luthier remedy. The action can be set as low as you want to go.

I would highly recommend a Sigma DM-5 MIJ to anyone who wants a nice acoustic guitar for about $200.00

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