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A-designs Studio Effects user reviews

  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - "affordable and clean"


    The A Designs ATTY is a 2 channel passive unit that only cost 100 bucks. It has a mute panic button on it and 2 balanced XLR outputs with 2 Neutrik inputs. You can use the A Designs ATTY for several uses; I mainly use it to control the levels of my m…

  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - "Simple but brilliant" has images


    The ATTY is a stereo two channel passive line level attenuator box. Controls are dead simple: a smooth feeling rotary pot for continuous signal attenuation, and a quality pushbutton for hard mute, both of which control both channels all the time. …

  • A-designs Atty

    A-designs Atty - moosers's review


    The A-Designs ATTY is a unique device that is a stereo passive leveling box. It's made for a variety of purposes to get you extra level at whatever stage you're putting it at. It has two XLR inputs and outputs and has a built in mute button and vol…

  • A-designs 500HR

    A-designs 500HR - moosers's review


    The A-Designs 500HR is a simple two space 500 series rack casing. Usually 500 series racks come in six or ten space casings, so it’s rare to see one that only has two spaces. The unit is a single space rack mountable piece of gear, fitting in any t…

  • A-designs EM-PEQ

    A-designs EM-PEQ - moosers's review


    The A-Designs EM-PEQ is a 500 series module that is designed after the classic Pultec equalizer. It's got the same Pultec make up that most engineers will be aware of, and certainly boasts a similar sound quality to the original. This is an analog …

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