A-designs Atty
A-designs Atty

Atty, Other Studio Effect from A-designs.

JimboSpins 11/06/2012

A-designs Atty : JimboSpins's user review

« affordable and clean »

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The A Designs ATTY is a 2 channel passive unit that only cost 100 bucks. It has a mute panic button on it and 2 balanced XLR outputs with 2 Neutrik inputs. You can use the A Designs ATTY for several uses; I mainly use it to control the levels of my monitors for my live sets. The A Designs ATTY is very easy to use and there is no set up or installation involved. It is plug and play. If I could change something on the A Designs ATTY I would add some sort of a meter so you could see the level in the dark because that is where I use it at the most. I have had the A Designs ATTY since 2009 and I have used it a bunch of times. I am still in search of the right unit to deliver what I am looking for. Not that the A Designs ATTY is not good it just is more for someone who has a simple set up and does not do much live work. It is difficult for me to use this anymore.


In the studio I use it with a Preamp. Using it does not make your signal weak and your sound quality will still sound clean.


The sound quality will not change while using the A Designs ATTY. It will keep your audio signal clean and warm to give you a great sound.


There really is nothing that I hate about the A Designs ATTY I just had a few things about it that I would change. But for the price of 100 you really cannot expect much more. Knowing what I know now I would make this choice again if I needed to and probably even buy another one if anything happened to mine. I have used many models of 2 channel units. Not to many of them in this price range though.