Sennheiser HD 200
Sennheiser HD 200

HD 200, Studio headphone from Sennheiser in the HD series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 49 reviews )
 15 reviews31 %
 23 reviews47 %
 8 reviews16 %
 1 user review2 %
 1 user review2 %
Audience: Beginners Value For Money : Excellent
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ericthegreat's review"Not for me"

Sennheiser HD 200
The Sennheiser HD 200 headphones have an ok sound, but these headphones present many issues for me. I find my pair hyped by at least 3 to 6 dB at the bottom end. This is good and bad. It's good because you really can hear what's going on way down low. If you can get the bass end of a mix to sound clear in these cans you'll have no problem with hyped subwoofers. However, the hype is bad because it really does make a lot of CDs unpleasant to listen to (and don't get me wrong: I love bass). They're fine for spoken-word, acoustic, and classical (especially organ music) but just about any genre of electric/electronic music is just too OTT. I can feel the air pumping through my Eustachean tubes into my throat with only moderate volume settings.

In contrast the top end is wonderfully smooth and reveals harshness in source material very nicely. In summary: a useful tool while mixing but not a pair of headphones I'll use for relaxation except for my favorite organ music. If they weren't a gift, I'd probably have looked elsewhere. These are a little hyped in the upper and lower registers, but it is not a problem if you acquaint yourself with these headphones. The sound reproduction quality is very good, and these headphones are well worth the price. Very comfortable design allows for hours of use (I sound like a product brochure!) If you're looking for something a bit more accurate, check out the newer model of these, I've heard good things about them as well and a local studio owner here uses them and recommends them.

Overall I would strongly recommend the 205‘s, they are good quality, well-made headphones. I wouldn’t waste my money on this model if I was you. There are way more headphones on the market that are cheaper and sound better. These will give you a headache.

Audiofanzine FR12/16/2010

Audiofanzine FR's review

Sennheiser HD 200
Originally written by fjohn on Audiofanzine FR.

Bought accidentally in 2003. I used to have other models in this price range but they deteriorated rapidly. This one withstood almost everything. Astonishing quality: I'm not very tidy, I'm easily irritable and the headphones flew several times against the wall...

Exchangeable cable (which is a basic feature for good headphones).

The sound isn't linear nor unpleasant. However, I won't use them anymore for mixing because I bought the MK240 which are much more transparent, linear and comfortable.

Very big drawbacks: closed headphones with an unbearable headband. You won't stand them after one hour. I have tinnitus problems which become stronger each time I use the headphones because of the pressure against my ears (as if I would clench my teeth tightly). I don't have this problem with the AKG (half-open headphones).

You can use them for DJing or recording applications, you can even listen to music but that's not their main purpose. Hi-fi freaks and sound engineers, this product is not for you...

mooseherman's review"Sturdy, high quality headphones"

Sennheiser HD 200
These are a pair of headphones that are quite large but have great sound. While they are sometimes advertised as studio headphones, I certainly wouldn't use them in that capacity as they aren't the most suited to that purpose. However, they do make a great pair of headphones for just regular music listening. They have great low end, which is really nice to have in headphones as the low end tends to suffer most. The midrange and high end are also fantastic. The quality in general is high enough that low-quality MP3s will sound noticeably bad. This is either good or bad, depending upon the quality of the music listen to, but I would say that the benefits (such as hearing more detail than you probably are used to hearing with headphones) far outweigh the drawbacks.
These headphones work well at home and out on the street. I highly recommend them to people who live in the city, and are frustrated with poor-sounding headphones that don't drown out the outside noise. These are quite capable of doing that naturally, with no need for the electronic noise cancelling that you see in some other headphones.
One use that I have had lately has been using them to listen to music while playing. My drummer has tried this on multiple occasions, and he loves using them for this purpose. He can hear the music loud and clear yet still hear his drums. I think that is the best test of a headphone in that purpose.
While these headphones certainly don't have the most functionality compared to studio headphones, they are quite honestly one of the better pairs I've owned. I'll have them for a while too, as they are actually a really sturdy build. This is probably why I was able to buy them off of a friend for a good price, considering how old they were.

jc34080's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad at all"

Sennheiser HD 200
I use it for 7 years, a headphone input range of nice, I've never seen such a strong headphone, quality medium / high but for the price it is ....

I used to listen to zic on my computer, on my mp3 player, it helped me out in the recording session for the mix is ​​average but good ... entry level

Here is his strong point, the fact that the wire is disconnected from the headphone saved me dozens of times by sudden movements. I used to be a punk for 7 years and it works impeccable

value for money for about 70 euros, yes. Otherwise, there is always better, but must extend the currency

Jean-Baptiste31's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Little adapted mobile disco"

Sennheiser HD 200
How long have you been using?

6 years in mobile disco.

What is so special that you like most and least?

Most: sound quality, lightweight and strong
Least: not enough insulation, high independence (ie low volume), average handling for a DJ, and I have already changed the cable ..

Did you try many other models before buying it?

No. I went to the HD 25 (more expensive), but has better insulation, a louder sound and is more manageable.

How do you rate the quality / price?

Very good.

With experience, you do again this choice? ...

No, at least for my use in mobile disco, but in my opinion it is better suited for other uses (studio, ...).

pamcalini's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My headphone!"

Sennheiser HD 200
I own this headset since 6 years and is inseparable with my ear. In fact I have on me right now.
Unbeatable value for money! Yet I have several headphones.
But beware c is not a neutral headphone! J love the comfort of listening in the bottom of the spectrum, just what it takes!
If he had let go I had a ratchet another!

potter's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" a tank!"

Sennheiser HD 200
bought in 2001!!
I love everything about this headphone (no cord)
He served as my evening mix for listening on that player or IPOD
are very suitable in view of taken me 80 euro seems,

Here 10 years later that it made the soul headset wire pin cut I must change my left ear .... I do not know if the parts are still, I have had just changed the cord when the headset always followed my much to mix, easy listening or boss (mechanical) he dragged in the most unusual place! al hard and put away all over

a very good headphone

fjohn's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 200
Purchased randomly from Baker in 2003 there. Before other equivalent model in the series, but who are easily degraded. This one has to resist just about anything. Amazing quality, I'm not very careful and angry, sometimes the headphone flew against the wall ...

The cable is replaceable (the min. For a good headset).

Listening is not absolutely neutral, not bad so far, but I will use it to mix more since I moved to MK240, significantly more accurate, flat and comfortable.

Big downside is closed with a bp all that this entails, but the greenhouse system sennheiser head is unbearable and painful. After one hour, you can more. Accouphènes of mine who is, I can add that whenever I put pressure on my ears I revived my accouphèbes (exactly like when you clench your teeth very strong), Pb I do not have the AKG ( Although it is a semi-open).

headphones for DJ and sound recording in a pinch, you can listen to music on it at a pinch but it is not clear why. Audiophile sound engineer and budding, go your way ...

laulaulastar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 200
- I use it since 2 years dja.
- + Price, sound, lgretbr />-the quality of finish, plastic fragilitbr /> - I try headphones pioneer and technics
- No, I will opt for a headphone or other pioneer

Viguier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Sennheiser HD 200
I use them for 5 years now
What I like most: the weight, sound, price.
What I like least: the fragility of all (not just the cord).
Rgulirement I am obliged to open (I 9), the indoor recbler, I now stick tape because the connectors are out of their tendency fcheuse housing ...

The report price is good quality, as long as the sound is l. ..
on the other hand you have to customize a product for REALLY "finished".
APRS we forget they are so LGERS and the sound is good ...

Ben saw that I 9, I think the choice adj "a little" t re )

*** 3/11/09 *** THE SHIFT
Warning, these headphones are no longer manufactured and replacement cords are rare and expensive (40-50 Euros in the cord replacement).
AAAARRRRGGGGGG, I will tell my musicians to be a little more careful