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Studio monitor kits user reviews

  • Samson Technologies Resolv 2.1

    Samson Technologies Resolv 2.1 - foudupc's review


    Used product for about 2 years. Problems arose at the subwoofer, slamming the extinction or ignition, or does any more bluntly. I did the repair in a specialty store, it works very well since. The box is given to 20hz-3db, he really falls down to…

  • Blue Sky Exo 2.1

    Blue Sky Exo 2.1 - " Prescriptive"


    Kit 2.1 Proximity controlled, volume and remote connectivity (practice). Use in a home studio. it takes no space on the desktop. SOUNDS The frequency curve is neutral as long as you stay exactly at the top of the triangle to listen 'cause as soo…

  • Blue Sky Exo 2.1

    Blue Sky Exo 2.1 - oval360's review


    Same as funkydad, big reliability issues! This is the second that I loose in 2 years! it starts with sizzle at the box then no sound comes out of the box. I used this brand and large systems (more expensive) are very reliable. But the Exo seems…

  • Blue Sky Exo 2.1

    Blue Sky Exo 2.1 - funkydad's review


    - What characteristics have motivated your choice? I needed a configuration with HP satellite to a small but serious rendering "thick". control a "remote" and the overall volume of the chamber was more - For what purpose? mini home studio (a…

  • Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1

    Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1 - zograme's review


    The award does THE FIRST motivation. Thomann 500 shipping included for a system that 2.1, is theft ... But in a good way ^ ^ I was looking for a system that flat (as usual), which does not bleed in the lower mdiums like so many others, that is tru…

  • M-Audio LX4 2.1

    M-Audio LX4 2.1 - Nebuchad34's review


    I bought this set 2.1 it is now eight months APRS have read this same advice. I tried replacing mdiocres Systmes 2.1 for PC with something much better but not force amplifier and speaker to buy a crazy price! For eight months now I use these speake…

  • Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1

    Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1 - CNek's review


    - Determines CHARACTERISTICS: Spectrum tense compactness of the satellites that make them easier fit than traditional Systm 2.0 in the same price range (prodipe & Company) - Usage: VJing, computer music, electronic music and vocal beatbox - My co…

  • Blue Sky Sky System One 2.1

    Blue Sky Sky System One 2.1 - Kazylolo's review


    Power, design and righteousness. I have a home studio of 30m ² or I take her in the cab (3x2, 50m ²), pre mix and mastering. I work on PC dual core duo 2.4 GB, 4GB ram, Motu 2408mk3 with sonar6, DDX3216 Tdif in the motu for MIDI and lots of plugs…

  • M-Audio LX4 2.1

    M-Audio LX4 2.1 - Kando's review


    I acht this kit2.1 for use 5.1 (with expansion). I use essentielemtn on work covering video, but also in Music 5.1. I note here for the 10/10 proposal of an M-AUDIO 5.1 kit amplifier for this report qualitprix SOUNDS J'apprcie much the neutr…

  • Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1

    Blue Sky MediaDesk 2.1 - todterre's review


    Small enough light monitors that could store his office, ideal size what? not too big not too small ... SOUNDS The sound .. need I say more .. it's heaven ... I could sound the écouters all day ... the sound is clear and not too low or too sharp …