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ADAM Studio monitors user reviews

  • ADAM Sub 7

    ADAM Sub 7 - "Superb Compact SUB"


    Ce Subwoofer est vraiment bien en usage Hifi/Studio. Couplé à des ADAM F7 il ajoute une extension importante dans le bas du spectre. Sur des musiques type Ambient ou même des production pop on perçoit clairment la différence. Il faudra le…

  • ADAM A7

    ADAM A7 - "Crisp highs, clear mids, humble bass."


    The Adam A7 was the second little brother (only surpassed by a 5 inch smaller one) in the adam monitor family. It has a bass exhaust port in the front, a (you guessed it) 7-inch speaker cone and the ART tweeter that is the trademark of Adam Monitors.…

  • ADAM A8X

    ADAM A8X - "Perfect "


    The ADAM A8X has the power and quality of sound that any engineer could ever want to work with. I have used these about 10 or so times so far and each time I use them I get a great mix and a master. The highs are very clean and crisp; the lows are am…

  • ADAM A7X

    ADAM A7X - "Clean sounding monitors"


    The ADAM Audio A7X is a powered monitor that is not only affordable but it has a great sound. You can do just about anything with these monitors from mixing and mastering to listening and creating with them. Each separate driver on these monitors ha…

  • ADAM Sub 7

    ADAM Sub 7 - "Goes great with the A5's or A7's"


    The ADAM Sub 7 is an active bass speaker that has a 7 inch woofer. It comes with a wireless remote control which is very handy because usually you put your woofer under your workstation and with a remote that means you do not have to get down that ev…

  • ADAM SUB-8

    ADAM SUB-8 - "Good solid bass"


    If you are in need of a solid sub that is affordable and will provide that clean low end frequencies no matter what type of music you make or listen to, the ADAM Sub 8 could be just what you are looking for. The response on this is very good, all of …

  • ADAM A5

    ADAM A5 - "small but great sound"


    The Adam A5’ are active powered monitors, sot here is no need for external power source. They are very small and stylish and can fit your on desktop or workstation space without a problem. You can also put these close to your screen and not have to w…

  • ADAM S3A

    ADAM S3A - moosers's review


    The Adam S-3A is a professional studio monitor that is to be used in pairs, but sold separately. For whatever reason, at a certain level they sell monitors as a single, but you're still going to want two of these for a proper set up. These are 3-wa…

  • ADAM A5

    ADAM A5 - moosers's review


    The Adam A5s are a small set of studio monitors. These are active monitors, so they don't require any external power amplifier. The A5s are the smallest and cheapest monitors that Adam has to offer, and comes in both a white and black finish. I've…

  • ADAM A7

    ADAM A7 - moosers's review


    The ADAM A7s are a set of studio monitors designed for both professional and home studios.  They are self powered so they don't need an external power supply and have a volume knob on the front of each speaker.  On the back each has two knobs for roo…