A5X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

carimbabar 07/21/2014

ADAM A5X : carimbabar's user review

«  Balanced and effective »

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I was seduced by the idea of ​​the ribbon tweeter, and the vents in the front, because I already knew that I might find myself working in a very small room.
I use it in monitoring, for models and even for discs intended for marketing.
They are active and do not require amp output cable on the sound card, and presto! In my case it is a Reverend Fireface.


There are so many speakers monitorings and more human ears to appreciate ...
I leave you with curves and other graphics, and speak in subjective terms, mine.
They are only worth what they are worth, but are sincere.
The sound is clear, highlights mixes and offers a good stereo image if indeed, that they have properly. Vents are practical in the case of cramped rooms, to prevent low back and forth to do the wall at the rear thereof.
Refunds dynamic seem to me rather not too bad, I listened to acoustic jazz, a guitar / vocal folk / rock (Johnny Cash), hip-hop (Q-Tip), and a piece of NERD and my mixes characters to find my way.


I've had a year and a half, soon, and before I had entry-level models: Tapco, M-Audio. It goes without saying that they sound much better, more accurate and broader in the spectrum. Store, I tried models in the same price range, with Adam, Focal, Mackie, or Yamaha. I had some hesitation with MSP5, fairly widespread, and on which I had quite the opportunity to work. I was looking for speakers offering not sound HIFI, which would be an error monitoring, but I wanted to work in good conditions, sometimes long hours, day and night without straining my ears, sometimes low and with a sound with relief!
I love the ribbon tweeter, which does not tire despite long hours of listening, and offer made quite natural on vocals and strings, in my opinion.
Are serious enough back, but hey, on such small speakers, it was obvious.
I did not have the budget for A7X, maybe I will opt for a low box later.
The value for money, not seem too bad to me.
I think I do it again this choice, they suit me well, they are reliable, and if we ignore some low light, you can work and time!
Otherwise, we love and sacrifices his ELP for the model above.