A5X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

Faroe Islands 05/29/2012

ADAM A5X : Faroe Islands's user review

«  Very useful tool »

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I needed a pair of monitoring speakers relatively inexpensive to finish mixing my last album.
After taking notice of nbreux departure and others, I chose this model for their righteousness, their size, price.

I use it mainly for mixing and monitoring when I'm recording. They are in a room non-smoking area, directly on my work plan.

The sound comes out of a RME FF400 connected to a table Samson.


Overall, they are fairly neutral, but a little tired in the low, it must be taken into account in the mix (the bass do not show much, we can fix this by adding up to 2dB for part of the spectrum but I am not using this).

However in the middle of the spectrum (well, in medieum and high-medium) and everything is sharp.

Dynamic I find it both great compared to what I used before, and a little disappointing. You lose a lot of precision in the most intense passages. However, to use force, I adapt ...

Very good stereo image, notwithstanding that they are close together (my home-stud is not a cathedral, unfortunately).


Purchased in March 2012 and used daily since.

I tested KRK, the Yamaha HS80 and MS10, M audio BX5, and Mackie (I forget which) and ICON. And then I let myself be guided by more experienced users than I ultimately trust the ADAM.

+ The size, neutrality, perfect size for my space, beautiful little face, nice accuracy above 200Hz.

The -: means anything below 75Hz, fragile membranes (and that's a BIG BIG MINUS).

Price / quality ratio pretty good, but I will not repeat that choice, I would take qqchose of beefier with better coverage of the spectrum. In reality, they are very good speakers to learn a shallow monitoring.