A5X, Active Monitor from ADAM in the AX series.

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Average Score:4.1( 4.1/5 based on 8 reviews )
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 3 reviews38 %
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Value For Money : Excellent
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carimbabar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Balanced and effective"

I was seduced by the idea of ​​the ribbon tweeter, and the vents in the front, because I already knew that I might find myself working in a very small room.
I use it in monitoring, for models and even for discs intended for marketing.
They are active and do not require amp output cable on the sound card, and presto! In my case it is a Reverend Fireface.


There are so many speakers monitorings and more human ears to appreciate ...
I leave you with curves and other graphics, and speak in subjective terms, mine.
They are only worth what they are worth, but are sincere.
The sound is clear, highlights mixes and offers a good stereo image if indeed, that they have properly. Vents are practical in the case of cramped rooms, to prevent low back and forth to do the wall at the rear thereof.
Refunds dynamic seem to me rather not too bad, I listened to acoustic jazz, a guitar / vocal folk / rock (Johnny Cash), hip-hop (Q-Tip), and a piece of NERD and my mixes characters to find my way.


I've had a year and a half, soon, and before I had entry-level models: Tapco, M-Audio. It goes without saying that they sound much better, more accurate and broader in the spectrum. Store, I tried models in the same price range, with Adam, Focal, Mackie, or Yamaha. I had some hesitation with MSP5, fairly widespread, and on which I had quite the opportunity to work. I was looking for speakers offering not sound HIFI, which would be an error monitoring, but I wanted to work in good conditions, sometimes long hours, day and night without straining my ears, sometimes low and with a sound with relief!
I love the ribbon tweeter, which does not tire despite long hours of listening, and offer made quite natural on vocals and strings, in my opinion.
Are serious enough back, but hey, on such small speakers, it was obvious.
I did not have the budget for A7X, maybe I will opt for a low box later.
The value for money, not seem too bad to me.
I think I do it again this choice, they suit me well, they are reliable, and if we ignore some low light, you can work and time!
Otherwise, we love and sacrifices his ELP for the model above.

FreddoOumpapa's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Negatively amazed! Not without box!"

I was looking for small correct and properly assessed for the home studio monitoring speakers: mix adjustment and stamps.


Frankly, great!
Except between 40 and 75 Hz (roughly the first octave of a 4 string bass) where the speaker produces a wind noise instead of sound, even at medium volume. As if a scotch vibrated to the rhythm of boomer, boomer with, but suddenly, it's the sound of air that vibrates instead of the sound of the bass sound. So, impossible to work on the tone of the bass.
I said that this place, despite the size of the woofer can deliver bass quite correct but, then, with this defect, which is unbelievable considering the price of the object and the reputation of the brand. That's why I titled my review with the term "stunned".
This speaker is able (except the default) to me to deliver the right amount of bass to move from one box to the mix and work on sounds. But it makes noise in the bass instead of the sound. And therefore unusable for that. I do not believe it!

For the rest, this is a very good speaker that can produce a powerful and pleasant sound (maybe too much so??).


I have not had time: Back in toto before 30 days and return in a few days, return shipping costs deducted (15 euros for lot 2 speakers). Fortunately, I had good care packages.
So, my assessment on their site no longer exists: the logic should reside in the fact that evaluation is only possible if we have the product and not in case of return. Conclusion: The assessment system foo does not take into account the views on any returned product. Shame!

It was my first monitor speakers model.

So no A5X without their recommended box. And in this case, the result should be really bad since the filter will cut the offending frequency on satellites. But not to the 2.1 I wanted to lead me. So, starting in 1000 and not 666 euros at current prices in toto.

So I put 5/10: it would surely 8 or 9 with a box. Zero but without box.

tilous's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very satisfied"

My choice of c is monitoring their size was
Use home studio in a very small room


Frequencies are very neutral
The dynamic is good
Nothing wrong for me


I've had a month before I had the Tapco s8 nothing comparable
Specialize in shop I have also listens hs5 yahama
Very good value for money
Faroe Islands05/29/2012

Faroe Islands's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very useful tool"

I needed a pair of monitoring speakers relatively inexpensive to finish mixing my last album.
After taking notice of nbreux departure and others, I chose this model for their righteousness, their size, price.

I use it mainly for mixing and monitoring when I'm recording. They are in a room non-smoking area, directly on my work plan.

The sound comes out of a RME FF400 connected to a table Samson.


Overall, they are fairly neutral, but a little tired in the low, it must be taken into account in the mix (the bass do not show much, we can fix this by adding up to 2dB for part of the spectrum but I am not using this).

However in the middle of the spectrum (well, in medieum and high-medium) and everything is sharp.

Dynamic I find it both great compared to what I used before, and a little disappointing. You lose a lot of precision in the most intense passages. However, to use force, I adapt ...

Very good stereo image, notwithstanding that they are close together (my home-stud is not a cathedral, unfortunately).


Purchased in March 2012 and used daily since.

I tested KRK, the Yamaha HS80 and MS10, M audio BX5, and Mackie (I forget which) and ICON. And then I let myself be guided by more experienced users than I ultimately trust the ADAM.

+ The size, neutrality, perfect size for my space, beautiful little face, nice accuracy above 200Hz.

The -: means anything below 75Hz, fragile membranes (and that's a BIG BIG MINUS).

Price / quality ratio pretty good, but I will not repeat that choice, I would take qqchose of beefier with better coverage of the spectrum. In reality, they are very good speakers to learn a shallow monitoring.

djwideb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Accurate, adjustable and Beautiful"

The possible settings for the room acoustics are:
- The tweeter level: + / -4 dB
- Adaptation to the acoustics of the place EQ> 5 kHz: + / -6 dB
- Adaptation to the acoustics of the place EQ <300 Hz: + / -6 dB


Curve fairly neutral in my case. I have a subwoofer KRK coming down pretty low, so I reduced the max the bass on my satellites Adam and adjust the treble and the tweeter. My room is treated and I feel a real difference with my old speakers. However, I think that without treatment, or measures, it is not wise to invest in good speakers, because the difference would be less with other models much cheaper.

The dynamics are quite impressive, low volume, the sound is very clear, however, I have not tested at high volume.

The stereo image is not what really surprised me in this price range, I have yet to hear the speaker that stands out, even the entry-level model has a stereo image almost identical to condition of the place like so as to obtain an equilateral triangle.

Overall, the sound is clear and precise highs are definitely not boring, it lacks some medium, but nothing nasty.


I have in my possession for a week now.

KRK RP5 G2 I had before, which sounded much more in the low and were a little aggressive in the upper spectrum.

The possibilities of sound settings and the accuracy in the high end but I was pleasantly surprised, however, the lack of medium as on many walls of monitoring is what I like least.

Price / quality ratio a bit expensive I think, even if they change my old KRK clearly.

reXet's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A super compact tool!"

I have long worked with KRK V4 Series II and I was very pleased (see my review above). However over the years I refined my listening ears and I reached the limits of this system whose sound was becoming too "boxy" to me. This means that its bloated feeling often found in small speakers. As soon as one descends into the lower frequencies it becomes dull and rough: hard to work with precision. We feel that the speaker cannot do better and we lose in comfort.

Given the relative smallness of my work environment I was looking for compact speakers but better ... not obvious. I was eyeing on Dynaudio BM5A when I came across these little A5X which, at least on paper, responded perfectly to my research.


If at the time I was charmed by my little KRK V4 I must say that listening to A5X convinced me to change!

The ADAM appear to be surgical in its sound reproduction, particularly at high frequencies. I was captivated by the precision to recreate the highs very clear and distinct without ever being aggressive and tiring. The notes are clearly apparent, the reverbs are accurate, etc.. it's a treat!

Given the size of the bass woofer expressed quite well on an enclosure of this size is dynamic and precise enough for most of the contexts. So obviously we feel the lack of precision in the lower spectrum, the frequencies have a tendency to "eat" them, but for me it's still good enough to work on my pop / rock in good conditions. Adding a subwoofer must be able to compensate for this weakness.

Having the bass very honest and clear highs, it seems that it digs a little the mediums that seem behind. Listening remains balanced.


I have not used them for quite some time to have a definitive opinion but for now I'm happy with my purchase. In this price range and especially in this size range I could not hope for much better. Working with these speakers is so much fun- instruments naturally come off the mix. The great strength lies in the ribbon tweeters that are doing excellent work and provide consistent accuracy.

on the other hand I think if you have the space, invest in big sisters A7X because for the price difference the bass is not a luxury.

Stereoxyde's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent product"

Having had many troubles with the Samson Resolv 65a, I am now equipped with the A5X speakers following a new Resolv failure in order to finish mixing a metal album. Unpacking, the finish is excellent, they are heavy but their size is amazing and I expected to miss a little sound ...


... And in fact not at all, they fend wood for a room of 20 m2 is perfect. Despite a boomer smaller than the resolv, there is a lot more bass and they are not too ill-defined in terms of their size, but for the low end I have Samson coupled with a subwoofer and it works great. The treble is there but not harsh or shrill as the Resolv especially is super clean and well defined, it can go with finesse on the settings of &eacute;qualos and reverbs. The image st&eacute;rao is super good and the least understood cheat on a pan on very well.

The three frequency settings in the rear allow to refine the sound depending on room configuration and placement of speakers, these settings are very effective


It's been a good two weeks since I used them and they are not even tiring to use even on a strenuous 4 hour mixing session. I have yet to find fault with these little Adam speakers. I was eyeing the model A7X but I think they were oversized for the size of the room in which I work. It's really good stuff, to recommend!

fion's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

ADAM A5X, 2-way active bass reflex speaker, 6 "Carbon / Rohacell / Woofer With Glass 50 W, 50 W XA.RT With Tweeter, Tweeter Shelving Filter: ~ 5kHz + /-6dB, Shelvingfilter Woofer: 100Hz:


This is by far the best I've heard in this price range and yet it is not for lack of trying (including Genelec, Fostex, Yamaha, Prodipe, KRK, M Audio, Mackie). What distinguishes them from their competitors in my opinion is that they are both analytical and natural, they are not too tiring even if they have a very good dynamic. The highs are clear without being too sharp, the bass is quite incredible given their size. The stereo looks good to me for all I know. Overall, you can hear the different instruments precisely. The A5x I believe are perfectly appropriate for mixing on classic speakers (like hifi system or sound system on your computer). If you want to listen in details and mix for big speakers (floorstanding speakers etc. ..), a little editing in low with an headphone or a sub may be considered. Note that positioning is important to get the best, you really must have your ears at the same height of the tweeters and forming an equilateral triangle.


I use them for 1 month so far and am really happy. They have a very nice finish, they are heavy, the buttons give them a serious look, the whole thing looks very pro. The features are simple and well thought (correction of the equalizer to the rear, power button on the front, connections). Note a rather nice feature, it can be a slave of another speaker, volume button one controls the overall volume, that of the other contol the balance, although seen. I was however quite surprised to receive a defective unit the first time, it was ok as it went back to the shop and I got a new one with no problem but I'm still surprised that this could happen with a brand like Adam. But well, this happens to everyone and it was probably one of the first products in the market. I remain nevertheless delighted that these speakers are what I expected from them, they are from my point of view a good level above the competition in this price range.