Superlux user reviews

  • Superlux E523/D

    Superlux E523/D - "Incredible value" contains audio examples


    Outside ENG - travel podcasting - I record using a H4n - For travel work the value for money of this microphone is simply incredible. I purchased a shorter cable for (£25) nearly half the price of the Superlux (£55) Both cable and mic were sourced fr…

  • Superlux HD681B

    Superlux HD681B - "fantastica in relazione al prezzo !" has images


    comprata dopo aver letto diverse recensioni positive mi ha stupito per la qualità rispetto al prezzo. Molto simile a AKG K242 ottima per home recording, bassi presenti ma non invadenti alti da 5 a 10 khz sono leggermente invadenti ma decisamente bil…

  • Superlux TOP-248

    Superlux TOP-248 - "Cardïoid but not SuperCardïoid"


    Look closely the diagram. Advertising Announces supercardioid. But it is a cardioid. OVERALL OPINION Look closely the diagram. Advertising Announces supercardioid. But it is a cardioid.…

  • Superlux HD681B

    Superlux HD681B - "Get the 681 ..."


    I have the 681 and I thought the B version (for bass) would be cool to compensate a very mids-heavy multieffects without any EQ. Wrong! They sound rather tight, the mids are cold, the highs screech a bit and the basses, well, it's true that they ar…

  • Superlux E523/D

    Superlux E523/D - "decent sound"


    This was the best deals I've ever had. The XLR cable is pretty much as you would expect. Clear sound with unnoticeable tone reduction. Feels like good manufacturing. The mic stand is built really well. Very sturdy and stable, even with a heavier mic …

  • Superlux HD681B

    Superlux HD681B - "Hard to beat!"


    I've had them for a few months. Yes, okay, my ears hurt sometimes. What do I like best? Their value for money, look and that they seem relatively solid (I take them with me frequently and they still keep going strong...). With hindsight: Yes…

  • Superlux HD681B



    Hello musician friends, I just got the HD681B and I'm surprised by the sound quality. Like the HD681, they are semi-open, 32ohms, 98dB, 10-30000Hz, the difference between them is the frequency response curve. The low end is a bit rounder, but …

Translated user reviews
  • Superlux HI-10

    Superlux HI-10 - " Not bad for the price"


    Type Micro oh. OVERALL OPINION It's a pretty good mic for the price. It has very sharp too muffled or. On drum overheads, it is pretty average, the top end is a bit messy. He will find utility in a second microphone for taking acoustic guitar, ac…

  • Superlux PRA-383D

    Superlux PRA-383D - " great for trumpet"


    I use it to trumpet and banjo OVERALL OPINION what I like is the price and it does the job ... I used for 3 to 4 years to perfect a trumpet, it supports the pressure very well without saturating. I have not tried it with another instrument …

  • Superlux HD681EVO

    Superlux HD681EVO - " Beautiful but passable"


    See above I have several superlux but I took the evo to look ... Practice because we choose the length of wire, and the coating of the atria (leatherette or velvet). Very well built it's solid, not light but very comfortable with velvet. I…