Superlux HD681
Superlux HD681

HD681, Studio headphone from Superlux.

SlapKid 04/14/2012

Superlux HD681 : SlapKid's user review

«  Absolutely great! »

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Took his brethren with 662 and 681B for the price ... Have some great headphones available for a while, akg k240studio/k240df, beyerdynamic dt331 and sennheiser hd540 reference. So the serious, and I compare!
The 681 is the hottest / crispy all, and more understandable to film dialogue example.
Guitar (output of multi-effects / amp / console) that is most alive, think fender in the idea. A treat, and are delicious hot mediums.
My reference was previously k240studio for guitars, now I find it less crunchy / harmonic than 681. Less accurate / detailed too.

It is also effective, much as 240df/dt331/hd540 is appreciable when the headphone amplifier embedded in most devices do not row ... Even on a table dj (vmx200usb) is a more sacred.

In short where I really do not understand is the price, especially since it is solid I put all the time last year.
I'd better buy in a while there are!
Quality / price 90/20!