Superlux HD681
Superlux HD681

HD681, Studio headphone from Superlux.

fifours 03/10/2010

Superlux HD681 : fifours's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
I retest this Superlux HD681 that a friend lent me and so I compared my headphone at the time.
The plays have been done on PC-CD player and receiver with or without headphones.

Technically he announces a frequency band from 10 to 30000Hz, 32ohms Impedance and 98dB efficiency. This means it can run on the headphone output of a PC or other small device mp3.

The noise level it is doing quite well, stamps are not the best but still acceptable, the dynamics are generally good although the bottom of the spectrum is a bit soft, the stereo is acceptable, and Transparency is noticeable.
Pushing a little tapping reveals that the midrange frequencies are a bit garish on high or high-volume, serious and overly resonate on the organ, for example.
on the other hand he keeps an advantage for precision, its definition is very good, see some of my best Beyer or my pro2900 but obviously cheating with high-medium.
This headphone is very well overall for just listening at home, or for musicians in need of pepete, but it is not closed so pay attention to repisse studio, and its lack of neutrality sound mixing in my opinion. It is comfortable without any gene, but its manufacture is very plastic, station breaks.
I still put him 7 / 10 because it is the best value for money I know.