Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3
Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3

Sonata DRK-F5H3, Microphone Package from Superlux.

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DaHeavySound 03/06/2006

Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3 : DaHeavySound's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Eight microphones battery (5 + 3 static-dynamic two overheads and charley-... Impdance output for each: 200 ohms. Maximum sound level between 135 and 150 dB. Rponses But in frquences have priori t cheat by the manufacturer, do not rely on it. Superlux On the sheet says:
bass drum microphone (FK2) 30 Hz-10kHz. sense.:-62dB.
Snare (FS6) 50 Hz-16kHz. sense.:-55dB
toms (FT4) 20Hz-12kHz.sens.:-55dB
charley (HI10) 50Hz-18kHz.sens.:-38dB
Overhead (HO-8) 40Hz-18kHz.sens.:-33dB

Overall, the IDE briefcase containing all eight microphones battery is always INTERESTED. Those are roughly the typs for their respective RLES ...


In this investment dpart cheap (because the IDE to target truly silent on the cheap micro ... and eight microphones 275 euros or 35 euro microphone is like having the studio mga offered on a tray (little prs)) prvu silent for the registration of a model. In fact I'm first used to sound to my roommate (drummer) a concert ... Silent sound pretty close to a karaoke microphone, but the sad rcuprable Ralite scne made a small tear it off. In the studio, I REALLY know we can do nothing, but nothing to do with the bass drum microphone. Toms microphones are "schplok" if you're lucky enough to have proper quality of fts. The snare mic is affordable for the stamp but difficult to grate oversnare one quickly falls into the trap of equalizer, compressor, gate, exciting, short, many effects to make up for his loss and finally d even more-... is the static, on the contrary, dfendent pretty well.
Trs not hard to find Overhead correct, but I must say that I still continue to use it (for want of better) in a complment ATM33 for the ride. Charley and has a color in the treble.
Finally, do not expect miracles for this price that the case can be used for small services o the room does not provide hardware ... plutt gadget is a troubleshooting tool for drummers that work for home-studio owners. In this case, it is better to wait and buy small small microphones between 100 250 euros each (I have enriched my park from AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Audiotechnica, and it's tr ... s well as a)
Clearly, I do not recommend it. And what surprises me is that the magazine KeyboardRecording ale dfendu this article ...