Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3
Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3

Sonata DRK-F5H3, Microphone Package from Superlux.

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jesusmomo 05/06/2006

Superlux Sonata DRK-F5H3 : jesusmomo's user review


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I highly recommend this kit microphone. We checked in the battery for our album with this kit for the battery and your exact bleufant really!
I invite you to go listen what happens on our site:


We used all the microphones except the over head that are a bit limited, the microphone does a snare set a tone for complter in sm57 type.
As we have overhead of AKG C451.
We are intrigued by the micro t kick that seemed extremely good, so we did a test with a Shure beta 52, AKG D112, Sennheiser E602, Bayer M88TG and the famous Superlux FK 2. We removed the skin tone of the bass drum and have to agree it's an excellent, then we put all the mics in the kick drum and the same time we compared the sound of microphones ...
Believe it or not but listening to the recordings without knowing the name of what is cost, FK 2 is out in front of the head 52 beta!
I can highly recommend it !!!!!
If you are interested in testing Crivi me an email through the site I will send it.