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  • [NAMM] Waves Center Processor

    [NAMM] Waves Center Processor

    01/17/09 in Waves Center

    Waves Audio introduces Waves Center, a new processor that separates phantom Center audio from side (L/R panned) content.

  • Waves Releases Waves Center

    Waves Releases Waves Center

    01/05/09 in Waves Center

    Waves has announced the release of Waves Center, a new processor that separates phantom Center content from Side (L/R) content.

  • Waves  UM225 & UM226

    Waves UM225 & UM226

    12/01/08 in Waves UM225

    Waves releases new Stereo To Surround plugins.

  • Brainworx bx_solo TDM[Freeware]

    Brainworx bx_solo TDM[Freeware]

    12/01/08 in Brainworx bx_solo [Freeware]

    A new free TDM plugin from BRAINWORX.

  • MeldaProduction [Freeware]

    MeldaProduction [Freeware]

    11/25/08 in MeldaProduction MAutopan

    MeldaProduction has released three more free VST effect plug-ins for Windows: MAutopan, MTremolo and MVibrato.

  • Brainworx bx_control spatializer

    Brainworx bx_control spatializer

    07/07/08 in Brainworx bx_control

    Bx_control is a CONTROL LISTENING TOOL and an M/S MATRIX with built-in MONO MAKER & STEREO WIDTH CONTROL. bx_control also features Hi Resolution LEVEL LEDs for PEAK and RMS levels.

  • Crysonic Sindo V2

    Crysonic Sindo V2

    06/27/08 in Crysonic Sindo V2

    Crysonic has announced the release of SINDO V2, a major update to its hybrid stereo image expander (widener) / Narrower adding new features, a new GUI and Mac OS X support (VST and AU).

  • Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    05/19/08 in Flux :: Stereo Tool [freeware]

    Flux has released a freeware plug in for Mac and Windows that is designed for precise control of the stereo image.

  • Algorithmix K-Stereo Ambience Processor

    Algorithmix K-Stereo Ambience Processor

    05/12/08 in Algorithmix K-Stereo

    Algorithmix has announced the release of K-Stereo Ambience Processor which they claim is the world's first "Ambience Recovery Processor".

  • Vrsonic VibeStudio Designer 1

    Vrsonic VibeStudio Designer 1

    04/01/08 in Vrsonic VibeStudio Designer 1

    VRSonic announced the release of the first publicly available version of its VibeStudio Designer 1 spatial audio design suite.