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MXR Talkboxes user reviews

  • MXR M222 Talk Box

    MXR M222 Talk Box - " Spectacular!"


    It is a Talkbox a new genre: the need to connect between the amp head and cabinet, the MXR M222 works like any effect pedal since preamp and amp miniaturized are integrated into the solid metal housing. Specifically, in "off" mode, it operates in "…

  • MXR M222 Talk Box

    MXR M222 Talk Box - " Good but be careful problem"


    6/10 UTILIZATION 5/10 SOUND QUALITY 9/10 OVERALL OPINION I bought this pedal because I really wanted a talk box guitar effect / keyboard, saw that MXR had a recent release I rushed over (it's quite difficult to try this kind of stuff in s…

  • MXR M222 Talk Box

    MXR M222 Talk Box - " Beautiful tool to master."


    To know and understand what can be done with a talk box is best to listen to the album Peter Frampton 's Come Alive' for guitarists, or some albums Stevie Wonder and Roger Troutman ... Basically you speak your instrument. Used in funk, rock and p…