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  • Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines

    Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines - "Accurate Tape Simulation"


    Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machine is a software plug-in to be used inside a DAW. Installation is performed after a direct download of the software from the slatedigital.com website. Authorization is achieved on an iLok2. This plug-in can be u…

  • Waves Kramer MPX Master Tape

    Waves Kramer MPX Master Tape - "Great Tape Saturation/Echo"


    Kramer MPX Master Tape is a plug-in from Waves to be used inside a DAW. The software is easy to install and authorize. There are only a few controls, but they aren't immediately intuitive when you first try out the plug-in. This plug-in can be …

  • Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines

    Slate Digital VTM Virtual Tape Machines - "Works with your transport controls"


    The Slate Digital Virtual Tape Machines has some really useful features. If you are into digital recordings then this is a plug in that you need to invest in. This system is modeled from the old school analog tape recorders (16 track). The tape reel…

  • CDSoundMaster VTM-M2

    CDSoundMaster VTM-M2 - "Vintage Tape Machine"


    The VTM-M2 is a vintage Tape Machine that was made by CDSoundMaster. There are 2 different operating models for low and high calibrations. It also has a full session recall (DAW). It was very easy to install and it is extremely small on your CPU, yo…

  • ToneBytes Vinyl

    ToneBytes Vinyl - "get it, its free"


    I love the tone Bytes Vinyl plug in, you really couldn’t ask for much more plus its free. What is there really to complain about with the Tone Bytes Vinyl Plug in? Some of the key features of it are, dust emulation , frequency responses emulation som…

  • Universal Audio Ampex ATR-102

    Universal Audio Ampex ATR-102 - "Loads of warmth..."


    Same install as with all U-audio plugs. Download the updater and license, run it, installed...restart...good to go. And of course it does the usual U-Audio 2 week demo timer if you wanna try it. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I'm running it with Protools…

  • iZotope Vinyl

    iZotope Vinyl - "Great Piece of Software!"


    It's freeware, so it's very easy to install. You give izotope your email address, and then they send it to you. Download it, install it, get to work. Once it's opened up the GUI is pretty straight forward. There are controls for things like dust amou…

  • Waves MPX Master Tape

    Waves MPX Master Tape - "Adds that vintage tape sound"


    This is yet another Eddie Kramer product that Waves has released. This time, they made a plugin based off of the famous Ampex 350/351. For those that don't know, this was a very famous master tape device that was used for some saturation and other c…

  • Avid Reel Tape Saturation

    Avid Reel Tape Saturation - "Really cool tape emulator for Pro Tools!"


    This is a Digidesign made plugin. It's the Avid Reel Tape Saturation plug-in. It comes with the ReelTape suite which also features the Reel Tape Delay and Flanger. It's a pretty easy plug-in to install and get started. I didn't feel as though I reall…

  • iZotope Vinyl

    iZotope Vinyl - "Pretty cool, if you want vinyl effect."


    With this plug in it was very easy to install, just go to the site find it download it and install, it will automatically go into your vst folder for whatever digital audio workstation you use so you can then just go onto it and open it up and start …