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  • The best paid tape emulation plug-ins

    The best paid tape emulation plug-ins - Top paid magnetic tape machine emulators


    Oh, the sound of tape! That "something" that so many people miss in digital recordings. Although there are plug-ins that do just that...

  • Waves J37 Tape Review

    Waves J37 Tape Review - A Wave of Saturation


    As you probably have already noticed, tape saturation is really hip right now. Although already having plug-ins in the same genre, a leading publisher like Waves couldn't simply ignore the current frenzy for such products. And that's where the J37 Tape comes in. Can it stand out from the rest? That's what we are about to discover...

  • U-He Satin Review

    U-He Satin Review - Night in White Satin


    Ever since the advent of computer music, many plug-ins have promised us "a true analog sound." This marketing gimmick has been so widely and mischievously used that it has become tiresome... However, when the creator of the sublime virtual synth Diva addresses the issue, our curiosity is inevitably aroused!