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Hello people,
I have more money than brains. I play guitar and have been dabbling in recording for years. I finally decided to take a big step. Called up sweetwater.com and spent a sh-tload of money. I dont even know what all I have. 2years later and im still plodding along and loving it.
I started out a few years ago jamming at a church with a few people, I liked it so much that I decided to start getting the basic equipment that I would need so that I could jam with freinds at home. I already had a guitar and an amp, the amp was a peavey bandit 112 (garbage), at the time I knew no better the guitar was a jap fender Jag (so so). The first stuff I ordered was for P A. Mackie board,amp,subwoofer. The amp is the 2600 the board was the 12 channel the sub was the 500 watt something. 2 yamaha PA speakers with stands and a couple sm58 mics with mic cables. Then I order a Roland TD10 drum kit wath the expanded brain. After we hooked all this up in my frontroom the reverb was so bad that it was unuseable, so $2000.00 worth of auralex foam later the room sounded great.Then I ordered a Rane EQ, that made a huge difference in the sound.I sold the 12 channel mackie and got the bigger one. Got an AC30tb amp,a 72 strat,a new 90s tele thinline, an Ibanez bass,
a line6 pod for guitar and bass, a peavey TNT bass amp and other stuff that I cant remember.We then started to jam at home on a regular basis.
Now I wanted to start recording some of my originals.I am computer iliterate. My first investment was a Boss BR8. I loved it and still do.Easy to use ,fun fun fun. I soon discovered how limited it was and I needed multitracks, so after lots of research on the net decided on the Roland VS 890, what a pain in the ass, it took forever just to get started, I'm not good at reeding manuals. After a few moths I got pretty good at it and did some really good recording on it, by this time I had bought some really nice condensor mics and pre amps, Grace pres and Rode,AudioTech,Shure and Blue mics. I actually recorded 2 local bands and mastered 2 albums for them.One of which went to Sony studios to remaster then back to Compass Point studio to finish and I understand that it sold well in Europe. I'm rambling.
Anyhoo I soon realised how limited the VS 890 was and made the big step. Pro tools 002 rack and a G4 Mac.
Prosnus inerphase for the TD 10 to input seperate midi tracks, so now I can record 12 mono tracks at one time, plus ive got a million plugins some of which I dont have a clue what they are for.
But hey, I'm using the hell out of it and I've got people lining up to use my studio. Love it.