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1 new to the board
I stumbled upon this board and decided to join. My setup:

Lexicon Omega to PC. I'm using Cubase SE which shipped with the Lexicon unit.
Marshall MXL 2003 and 603s condensor mics
Shure SM57 and SM58 mics
Traynor YCV40 guitar amplifier
Peavey KB60 keyboard amp
Peavey TNT115 bass amp
I also have a cheapo drum kit that I bring out on occasion.

The room leaves a bit to be desired as I must use it for a living room/recording studio. Fortunately, the room is big enough to accomidate my gear. Hardwood floors and high hardwood ceilings make for nice natural reverb and the soft surfaces from my "living room" furniture and window treatments help keep the echos out.

If anyone else out there is using the Lexicon Omega: What is your setup like? Are you running a mixer into the Lexicon? If so, what kind of mixer. Are you running instruments/mics straight into it? Basically, I'm curious as to how other folks are using the device.

Thanks and I'm looking forward to learning and maybe even contributing to this board.

Welcome Jon!!
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