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Thread Hello all! Introduction to me and my humble DAW...

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1 Hello all! Introduction to me and my humble DAW...
Hello all,

I'm new to this forum and I thouoght I'd post a quick introduction. My name is Dennis and I've been playing guitar and bass at an amateur/hobbyist level for ~25 years now. I've recently taken an interest in home recording and I've assembled a rather modest but capable portable DAW rig:

Dell Lattitude D600 - 1.8GHz P4M, 512MB RAM, 40GB HD, CD-RW
Lexicon Omega USB 24bit/48KHz audio interface
Sonar 3 Producer
Sound Forge 6
Misc. DX Plug-ins (Waves, Sonalksis, Timeworks, Lexicon, Antares)
FMR Really Nice Compressor
Shure SM57 dynamic instrument mic
CAD KBM-412 dynamic kick drum mic
AKG C1000-S small diaphragm condenser mic
CAD M39 (M179) large condenser mic

My brother and I have been collaberating on some great material and I needed the ability to track at home (and on travel when possible). This rig is performing flawlessly so far. The 24bit/48KHz resolution of my current interface initially seemed to me a compromise but there are other limiting factors (inadequate acoustic environment, medium grade mics, medium grade pre's, etc.) that most likely have a greater impact on the accurate capture of audio information above 20KHz. Until I can afford to address these other limitations I believe that the Lexicon Omega and its DBX pre's are more than sufficient.

I hope to both learn and contribute here on this forum. :)
Welcome Dennis! Sounds like a nice little rig you have going. It should be capable of putting out some decent sound- recording, like playing, gets better with practice!!
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