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Thread introducing boxdrummer

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1 introducing boxdrummer
I've been playing for years but only recording for about 4 years. I use a PC Based setup with an M-Audio 24/96, a Behringer 802, Audio-Technica AT3525, Marshall MXL 603, 903, Shure Beta 52 and 57, and some really cheap mics from lord knows where. I use an ART and Presonus pre's. I use a Hafler amp with home made (computer drawn and speced) Studio Monitors (spent 250 to build 5k worth of monitor!) I also have a Akiapro DPS12 DAW.

I used to play Drums for my food, but now I have a day job and enjoy recording my self and friends. I've recorded some demos for local cover bands as well. Once music get in, it never leaves.....although I'm quite happily bandless right now......
Welcome, boxdrummer!! I'm up in Clarksville, myself.....
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