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a newbie


frankie allan

frankie allan
2 posts
New AFfiliate

1 Posted on 10/01/2005 at 12:43:53
Hi All, Ive just registered and Im hoping to pick up some great tips from you guys/girls
and hopefully put in some input too. Ive got a small homerecording studio just for demo,s
of my songs.Though Ive had it for quite some time Ive been a lazy sod and just know the
basics but I have started to find out more eg. using compression/limiting getting some
good mixes to send to publishers. My set up is:

Roland vs-880 xpanded workstation
Absolute 4(pair) nearfield monitors
Yamaha psr 620 keyboard
yamaha md4 multitrack( mixdown)
Rev500 digital effects unit
Sure sm58 mic
Akg c3000 cond.Mic:......:cool:
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