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Thread drummer, singer, songwriter

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1 drummer, singer, songwriter
From Amsterdam, hello everybody!

My name is Tom, born & raised in Amsterdam - The Netherlands and have always been involved in music. lets say in a semi-pro way: I love making music, can't do without it but I'm not making a livin' out of it. Guess I just know that passion for music has always been there but maybe not strong enough to give up everything for it. Apart from that, I do almost everything for this 'love'! Gig a lot (drums/vocals), and still spent an aweful lot of money on new stuff, although I keep telling myself over & over again that I REALLY don't need to buy something new for the next ten years or so...

Anyway, what I do: compose, record, play piano, guitar & drums, perform weekly in the twoe Hot Spots of Amsterdam: Bourbon Street Bar and The Waterhole.

Music I like: Lenny Kravitz, Queen, Beatles, Prince and everything else worth listening to, especially from the 70's & 80's.

My equipment


Roland VS2480
Roland DS50 monitors
JBL control1-C monitors
regular 'home-garden-kitchen'speakers
AKG300 mic.
Rode NT-3 mic.
AKG headphones
Sony minidiscrecorder


Tama rockstar drumkit
Roland TD-10 drumkit
Yahama piano
Squier telecaster & Washburn guitars
Art & Lutherie acc. guitar

Hope to hear A LOT from other musicians so we can share secrets ;)