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Thread Old MIDI guy hangin' around

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1 Old MIDI guy hangin' around
I'm an olde pharte that still uses a DOS sequencer.. Voyetra SPG for my money thinks more like a musician than the current crop of Win apps, Sonar, Cubase, Logic, etc.

I use Win stuff to record to CD, of course, but for music creation with MIDI (not digital audio!) I love my DOS. :)
Hello Musikman,

You know that your are right!!!!! Too many people spend their all time learning how to use their new peripherals and the latest softwares, etc... and they don't make music anymore! Computer is a tool for us, not an alienation ;-)

Welcome to you!!
You got it right. I wish I still had that 13Mhz NEC V-30 Pc with 1Mb RAM and a 20Mb HDD. I used Cakewalk DOS and still have stacks of little 720K disks with who knows how much music on them. Still got the old DW-8000, but the DOS is long gone. CuBase looks kind of like a real studio, but doesn't act like one.

Hmmm...couldn't be too hard to do over, now, could it?