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Thread home studio's available for mac G4 laptops?

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1 home studio's available for mac G4 laptops?
I'm currently researching software/hardware for my mac G4 laptop. I have heard of two so far, Mbox and Mark of the Unicorn. Anyone with more info on either of these or others can reply, thanx
Look at GarageBand by Apple if you're just starting out. This sw will blow you away. If you need input I use MAudio Mobilepre for electric guitar/mic and Radium 49 for keys. This is a beginner's setup for near professional results. It's a mindblower how easy it is use and, thankfully, look at. Look for iLife 04 with GarageBand. 50 dollars. With the above setup and some talent, you could produce a quality CD on your G4.
Get the M Box with Pro Tools LE. Your OS doesn't matter because the software will include discs for both OS 9 and OS X. If you don't already have 512 MB of RAM, then get it upgraded (that will cost less than $100). The system requirement is for 256 MB, but, trust me, you'll be much happier with 512 MB.
If you're serious, you want Pro Tools. If you need to share files with anyone who's in the business for real, you want Pro Tools.
Get the M Box. Down the road, you'll be glad you did.