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Thread I am new. Hello to you.

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1 I am new. Hello to you.
Hello, my name's Jon. And I always had an interest in recording but didn't really get into it until lately. I don't really have much as of yet, just this stuff:
Tascam US-224
Really Nice Compressor
Presonus DigiTube
and some decent mics and other stuff... running on an old computer.
I plan to upgrade to a laptop soon, not sure if I'm gonna get a PC or Mac though.
But yeah, that's my setup, and I'm still very much in the learning process, because I don't even know how to compress things very well yet, haha.
I'm in a band (www.waitingabroad.com) and I plan on recording an EP for us sometime soon hopefully. Well, that seems good for now. Goodbye.