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Thread hy! newbie will be asking soon!

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1 hy! newbie will be asking soon!
hy everyone, i'm new in this forum, but not new in home recording. i've been working for some years on a PC with Logic Pro Tools and a very simple soundcard, my guitar and a korg x5, and put down many songs some of them i think are cool enough to let my friends hear them, and even burn a CD with my production for my parents so they will have at least some reason to be proud of his son, it's me.

well seriously, now i'm moving this basic stuff to a laptop i got from my job, it's an Acer AMD +1600, i've extended its RAM to 512, and add a USB soundcard (Audiophile USB). plus, i've got a Phonic mixer i was using with an old band, and a couple of monitors i've bought. that's it, i think i have my first real homestudio!! also, i've changed to Logic Audio Platinum 5.1.

what i really want is to get the most out of it, to know the very secrets of this software, how the plug-ins work,... mixdowns and mastering tips, etc. i've been reading around and i see some of you are really skilled and experienced, and i'm sure you'll help me when it comes to ask.

so, i'll see you around and will be asking soon.

Hello and welcome to you!

Don't hesitate sharing your experience in recording, and ask for
technics and advice!

Hope to see you soon on the board.