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Thread Old Dog Trying New Tricks

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1 Old Dog Trying New Tricks
Thought I would give a try at capturing my guitar playing have played now for over 40+ years and I figure I must do all right cause whenever I go to a music store these days the place usually shuts down and everybody stops to listen and wants me to join their band. Anyway I've got
a Mackie DFX12 mixer,Boss DR20 drum machine,Boss GT6,Fostex MR8 recorder, Roland Gr30 Synth,M-audio BX5 monitors. a couple condensor mics, and SM58 with digitec vocalist.

A few years ago I bought Cakewake Guitar Studio and tried to record from the synth to PC via midi and this failed after twenty hours of trying to get them to talk all I succeded in doing was making it sound like and off key piano.I'm ready to give it another shot but have not purchased software for Win 2000 OS and need some opinions and what is user friendly.The MR8 is USB so editing tracks will be my main focus I think.

I will be recording my Martin D-28 acoustic guitar and using my Godin Multiac Jazz guitar for synth parts and Les Paul for electric any input as to how to capture the real sound and keep it true and clean would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Gary