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Thread check it.

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1 check it.
I have been getting into recording on my own. I have been somewhat succesful. Heres my equipment:

SM57 Dynamic Mic.
Yamaha - MG16/4 Mixer
DigiDesign MBOX
2.4 GHz 512ram laptop.
Software: ProTools LE
Shure Mic Drum Kit

Decent Keyboard
Big Baby Taylor Acoustic
Crappy Bass Guitar (Ashamed to admit the specifics)
Ibanez RG320 Electric Guitar

This is just a hobby, but let me know if im doing something insanely wrong. I know the MBOX only allows me to break down to 2 channels. So fear not.

Oh, and I have some questions about recording electric guitar. I am looking for a bang-for-my-buck amp. around 100 dollars. please let me have your input. recording electric guitar, best way to go about it? straight into the mixer? or use the sm57 to mic the amp? let me know. anything would help.



ps. if you need to know, i record mostly stuff along the lines of 3 doors down to seether. thanks.
For 100 bills you can get a Behringer GM110. It has built in modelling and sounds pretty good. It's be great for recording. I wouldn't use one live. Alhough you could, in my experience, digital stuff tends to get lost in the mix in a live situation. YMMV. ;)
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