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Thread alohahola from tommy

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1 alohahola from tommy
[color=blue]Hey everybody[/color]!! [color=darkred]So I'll start with my setup which is simple: an AMD Duron 750 with an M Audio Delta 44 soundcard (soon to be upgraded to an Athlon XP 2000+ computer).
An Alto compressor, ART tube mp mic preamp Apex 850 dynamic mic and a 420 condensor mic for my vox also I use a home made windscreen.
For the guitar stuff Digitech RP7 valve multifx and a Zoom amp modeller being fed by an early 80's poplarbody Squier strat, a 1993 Fender '72 tele thinline reissue and an Ibanez sg/lp ripoff. My mid 70's Yamaki small body acoustic has no pickup so it gets miked up. I listen on Edirol monitors and Behringer hpx 2000 headphones. Behringer also makes my eurorack 602a mixer. Alesis QS6 synth and Alesis SR16 drum machine are the hardware controllers for FruityLoops 3.56 and AcidPro3 Soundforge provides the editor functions. The software is really dance oriented, but that just fuels my desire for creating better grooves to lay my guitar and vox over. Nothing too fancy but I get decent results, though I keep having problems with sync settings within Acid.I had the same prob with Cubase Vst 5/32 and a couple of other programs. The reason I use Acid is the interface makes more sense to me and it can still really screw with my mind.[/color]
As for the important stuff I'm into the cure, stone roses and the verve
coupled with a penchant for new order and depeche mode. Sounds like I'd be better off in England, but Vancouver is just the coolest town to live in.
'Cept when have our heads up our butts. oh well. you can reach me at hotmail I'm popstar21
the cure and depesche mode are two of my fav bands

but the cure it my utmost fav