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Thread old dog learnin new tricks

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1 old dog learnin new tricks
Hi, I have been playing guitar, drums, and harmonica, for over 20 years, and recording for, well, since the Tascam 424 first came out. I play rock, blues, and a mix of the two. I just joined another band recently, and we are doin several of my songs, and a lot of more "classic rock" type stuff. I dont really care for live playing, I mainly like studio stuff.
My studio set-up now is a Boss BR-532, a Tascam 428 8-track analog machine, an assortment of cheap mics, and some effects pedals, which I dont use much. I usually record onto the 8-track, using the Boss as an effects processor. I use the Roland drums that are built in to the Boss. I do all my vocals on a Shure sm 48 mic, and occasionally use a cheapo mic I bought at a flea market for $4.99 for a change of pace.
I'm just now getting into computer recording, and came here lookin to learn anything and everything I can.
Welcome redplanetdrifter!

As you may have noticed in my other post, I'm guitarist too, and I begun with a 4 tracks tape recording too ;-) and I must say that recording on a computer is a real revolution !!
Go to the guitar&bass recording topic, I posted some basics advices about home guitar recording.

Hope you will find here all you need to progres!!!