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Thread Hi all! New here.

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Topic Hi all! New here.
I guess I could say I need help on a home studio. :|

So far, I have my laptop, a bookshelf stereo with good speakers...Acid Pro (which I do not fully understand), a headset and a mic.

I love singing and people love my voice. My problem is I don't play any instruments, (not even water glasses :P) so I can't record songs unless I "borrow" midi files, which doesn't do a lot for my recordings, not to mention, could land me in a heap of trouble if I ever want to do anything with my recordings. lol Another thing is, I write songs as well, and I can't use someone else's music for my own written lyrics.

I can't seem to find anyone that wants to record music for me...on a serious level. (have tried a couple "studios" with lots of promises, but no action, and time restraints make it tough for me, as my full time job keeps me on the road a lot.

Is there a software that performs miracles? ;)
I played a keyboard (very carefully, lol) for a while, by ear, but never took lessons or learned the "proper" way, and it isn't enough to record my own music. Besides, the thing finally bit the dust, so I don't have anything now. lol

Anyone out there have any ideas for me?

Thanks in advance!
your miracle software could be Reason 3 but...

its REALLY hard to learn. it takes a lot of effort and some basic music knowledge.
Have you considered a new (old-new) keyboard? Some of them have lots of help-functions. I have a Roland discover5. It plays midifiles and .kar files.. displays lyrics and evel lets you play the melody your self if you like :) It also has a vocoder with a separate output.
What's even better considering that you don't want to "steal" someone elses midi-files... it has a COVER fuction that lets you modify the midifile instrument settings to a great number of preset combinations, or you can make your own. I got mine for appr. 500 euro. If you UP the price a bit... I'm sure you can get one that records both midi and mic... just take the flash memory card out of the keyboard and into your computer with a card-reader.. and you've got your recording :) A mixer and a audio USB interface would do the same with a simple keyboard... but then we're talking studio-equipment :)

Hope this helped :)
I have heard about that reason software. It works pretty good. Welcome to the forum.
Thanks for the reply Ra7or.

I'll keep Reason in mind. :)
dis Dwatts and im a producer/artist/beatmaker/everythang else. but i understand ur sit. and i think i can help u on the note of needing productions that come with dedication. wat kind of music do u sing. i can do all kinds of diffr. beats for u. where are u from as well? if ur far away we can always send music across the net uknow. i am a very dedicated man to music u feel me? and i take this to heart and thats wut type of guidance u need. me and u can make it to the top. i know my credibility in where i satnd as an competiter, do u? but yea it was nice typing to u, please get back wit me for more details
Yeah Reason might be the answer, but no easy trip to success through that. Cubase is always an options for music making too.

Then you got a bunch of low quality loop programs like Magix Music Maker and as you mentioned Sony Acid Pro which is higher on that status. I tried it myself actually, but I choose to stick to Adobe Audtion.

You can try Fruity Loops Studio XXL 7 too. That ain't easy either. If you record your intruments MIDI then nearly any program will work. Would even recommend Adobe Audition 1.5 (What I'm using).

According to the singing you do, do you have easy piano stuff on it or whats going on? Would be nice to hear someone that you might have posted somewhere. Then the site's user's can come with many more ideas!
Aaand, yeah the industry is a bitch, very harsh. But keep going!

- Nico