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Thread Comments about the feature article: You know you buy too much gear when...

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1 Comments about the feature article: You know you buy too much gear when...
You know you buy too much gear when...
Do you feel at home browsing gear online or at the store right around the corner? Buying, selling, exchanging ─ it's all in your nature, it's almost an obsession. You know you buy too much gear when...

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[*]You have bought at least one device just because it wasn't expensive.

Waves CLA-76 compressors for $79, retail $400? Well I already have 5 compressors, but why not!! :lol:

[*]You have never decided between Fender and Gibson. You're damn right, why should you choose?

Lies!!!! Fender for life! Much more beautiful, both to the eyes and ears (ya, I said it)
OMG. I definitely buy too much gear. when I ask about a guitar that I don't see in the store, it is always there the next time I return.
The guitar I've been looking at, last week, is now perched at the front door of the store when I come in.
I definitely fit this description. It's nice to know I'm not alone.

THANK GOD FOR EBAY. Since I've been selling on EBAY, I've been able to afford a whole lot more. Things I used to trade in for 1/4 the price I paid, I'm now selling for 1/2 to 1/3 of what I paid. If you haven't tried EBay for reselling used gear I highly recommend it. BUYING is a different story. I hate to purchase something as NEW only to get it smudged with finger prints and not sealed when I get it. WHO DOESNT WIPE THE GEAR DOWN BEFORE SELLING IT???? Especially if your going to advertise that's it's new and un-opened. Usually the gear I'm looking for is only $50 or so below retail new. I'd rather pay the extra $50 and get something with a warranty.

Deb Erney




Tell me about it.

I got amazon gift cards over the holidays. I've already gotten everything I need (that'll fit in my tiny apartment) yet I'm still browsing through instruments and pro audio just looking for something to catch my eye.

I try and steer clear of plugins. It's an unhealthy addiction :)
Fellow G.A.S. sufferer here!

I check my eBay list *daily*. Had to unsubscribe from Musician Friend's "Stupid Deal of the Day" emails. Too tempting! Etsy? Aw, hell no! :non: Used to think driving halfway across the state to buy a $30 item i saw on craigslist was "a good way to spend a Saturday". I'm often reading reviews of gear i already own.

Currently i own 29 keyboards -- this is not counting melodicas, rackmounted gear or tone modules. When my last band when on a hiatus i was kinda freaking about where i would put all the gear. There are multiple two- or three-tier writing areas around the house; looking around the bedroom i count 9 keyboards, there's a two-tier setup in the living room, and a housemate has a two-tier synth rack in his bedroom because one day he mentioned he was "thinking about learning to play piano one day".

There are multiple guitars hanging on the walls: a bass, a cigar box guitar, a dulcimer, a mandolin, a uke, and a plain ol' electric. I kinda want to ask the cigar box geetar builder what he'd charge to make me a 2nd one but pitched to D instead of G. Was on an Indian instrument kick for a bit and ended up with a tumbi and a bulbul tarang.

There are probably 20+ guitar pedals in this room alone, about 7 drum machines in the house, and i see 6 grooveboxes from where i'm sitting... I once remember buying a sequencer expander cartridge only to release i already had once it arrived. Lately i've been on this "let's just repair old gear instead of buying new stuff" kick and now i have three different instrument repair places i visit. Once forgot about a keyboard i had left at one of them until i noticed on the banking website that there was a charge from them for storage of said 'board. :|

Fortunately i can play all these instruments fairly well except the tumbi or didgeridoo. (Well OK, there's just one little thing i play on the mandolin or dulcimer, but...) The rain stick? No problem! Think i'll pick up the tumbi today and re-visit those youtube vid's on it...

Oh yeah, and there's a Twilight Zone episode where a wax museum closes and an employee puts the wax figures in his basement with an a/c going to keep them at the optimum temperature and whatnot. That one really hit home when i first saw it. :(