Fender TL-52
Fender TL-52
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Average Score:4.7( 4.7/5 based on 6 reviews )
 4 reviews67 %
 2 reviews33 %
Value For Money : Poor
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iamqman's review"Still just as nice"

Fender TL-52
One thing that I love about Fender telecaster is its ability to give you a very fluid and dynamic tone that when you strum it or pick it it gives a graceful brightly focused and dynamic tone. These guitars even though they are a Fender sound are quite different than the Fender Stratocaster guitars. They have a cleaner tone in a unique sustain all to theirselves. It has a sound that is inviting for many clean or country type music players. Because it has a clean shiny tone sounds good to be very dynamic and focused.


Vintage natural finish
Maple neck
1952 details include:
Domed volume and tone knobs
Aged nickel plated hardware with slot head screws
Black single ply pickguard with 5 screws
'50's style Fender decal
Round string tree
3 saddle adjustable bridge
Barrel pickup selector knob


The guitar sound fantastic and pretty much anything that you put them. They don't really do that well at drop tunings or any type of modern metal sounds. However they sound great from clean amplifiers all the way up to medium gain amplifier settings. If you use a lot of effects these guitars are quite dynamic and their tone with people who have a complex effects setup. So if you use things like delays, flangers, or any of other modulation sound , these guitars will really highlight those sounds effects and it's very creative and soulful way. I really like these guitars when playing a good clean setting because it gives you that really spanky tone that makes you want to play with your fingers so much and not with your pick.


These guitar you can find for right around $1500 or so which is a great price for an Japanese built guitar. These instruments sound great in a recording studio as well as a live setting. No matter what the prices on these instruments the usually float around anywhere between 700 and $1300 used in new depending on the features and reissue specifications. I recommend these guitars to anyone who likes the sound of a good clean tone or maybe isn't to blues rock of some sort. These are great guitars if you're in the country music as well as indie rock music as well. Overall the fun instruments and they are a fun and rich part of music history.

iamqman's review"Butterscotch sounds fine!!!"

Fender TL-52
One thing I love about the Fender Telecaster is that it's a brilliant clean crisp cutting tone that really highlights a guitar player's dynamic playing and nuance. The way guitar player approaches to guitar is different for every single player. However the Fender telecaster guitar really highlights each player's personal touch and tone that's within their fingers and hands. It's not a guitar that will cover up mistakes or will blend in a lot of gainy distortion. This is not a guitar that really adapts to a lot of high gain sounds, but it really excels at the medium all the way down to the clean tone. So the tone is very focused but not in your face. It's a well grounded and sustained focused tone.


Body: Premium Ash
Body Shape: Telecaster®
Body Finish:

Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Neck Shape: "U" Shape
Number of Frets: 21
Fret Size: Vintage Style Frets
Position Inlays: Black Dot Position Inlays
Fretboard Radius: 7.25" (18.41 cm)
Neck Material: Maple
Neck Finish: Nitrocellulose Lacquer
Nut Width: 1.650” (42 mm)
Scale Length: 25.5" (64.8 cm)
Neck Plate: Vintage Style 4 Bolt
Truss Rod Nut: Original Vintage Style


Fender telecaster is a guitar that has its own sound to its self. It doesn't sound like the Fender Stratocaster and doesn't sound like any other instrument that I've ever heard. It has a nice full-bodied tone but very percussive and clean sounding. Each note you pluck or strum you can hear very distinct and separate. It makes playing that much more fun and even recording a blast. Each recording picks up every little thing that you do. So the Fender Telecaster is a great guitar for recording. All because of the frequencies and the tone that is inherit to this guitar really get captured through microphone quite well in a recording session. Whatever rig or effects board you might use with this guitar will be complemented by the character and tone of this instrument.


You can find these guitars for right around $1800. Overall it's a great instrument and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to pick up this particular sound but not only this sound but a great instrument I will be true and fantastic to any player that uses it. These are great for recording and also very good for gigging as well.

floflof's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender TL-52
Fender telecaster reissue 52 japan
Fixed bridge 3 bridges
Channel 21 boxes V
2 pickups (bridge + neck)
1 volume + 1 tone
3 position switch


The neck is maple wide V-shaped with a difficult grip at first but after a few nice games against worn ropes ... By The varnish is a little too thick ... So it was not easy when the sweaty palms
Light guitar, the wood is dry and therefore vibrates much empty.
Painting is a nitrocellulose butterscotch not revealing the wood grain but that does not bother me.
As against the painting is very fragile, the slightest bread shows ...


From the point of view of sound, necessarily typical telecaster especially at the bridge, so very incisive very rock n roll with good volume restitution !!! Instead the neck pickup lacks character volume is less than half of the bridge ... I think it is necessary to change fairly quickly (eg seymour quarter pound) otherwise use the guitar as a pseudo Esquire ...
This guitar is perfect for my style of play especially since I changed neck pickup ...
It is versatile and sends severe to play rock, but of course also blues and jazz ... No metal necessarily ...
At amps, she tried a bit every amp (Fender, Vox, Marshall, Soldano ...) with different speakers and find that it is at the top on a Vox AC 50 late 60s ... She finds its character but not necessarily all its versatility!


Very good guitar that has nothing to envy to the US (except perhaps the microphones) for half the price !!!
This is a guitar that is quite hard to find now, so if you find one, you can jump !!

I remake this purchase without problems !!!!

aquafred01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Crafted in Japan"

Fender TL-52
It is a japanese axe.
For the record, imported by a friend of former owner.
He told me that it is a non-export guitar, for the Japanese market. I think the features are standard. It's from ISHIBASHI.

It is equipped with a D shaped neck, with a radius 7.5 ", one piece maple, neck heel truss rod access, vintage Kluson style tuners. I have no info on the finish but I can say that it looks and feels nice. The frets feel small (smaller than medium jumbo anyway).

The bridge is steel 52.The bridge saddles are steel too (stock).

Regarding the pickups, they are original "U.S. vintage single coil" with their classic appearance (neck and bridge).

Minty stock black pickguard (super strong), very solid and reliable input jack (never gets loose). The electronics is said to sizzle, but not on this one ever.

Body "ash", worth its weight in gold as we say in French.
It's heavy, but it sounds real good.
If you have the opportunity to try ... you'll see what I mean.


The handle is covered with a coating of a fluid boundary ... it slip that if we "transpirouille" a little.
Very nice, the D-form "log style" with a raduis 7.5 ", allows a great ease of playing (I love this sleeve!), But I think that is not done to speed up the game's guitarist, but rather made to take a lot of fun to play every note ... but at a slower pace than my Ibanez RG270, a flat handle that ...
Ergonomics of a conventional TV, with 21 frets and access "reduced" to the acute setting a tone and volume, a three-position selector (only on a TV classic!)

Key features of this model:
Vintage Alnico pickups with coil 3 U.S. in 42 diameter / steel bridges / No S / N on an easel, but on the back of the neck.


Sound TV is present, with a slam and a bright beautiful!
Focused mostly blues and rock 60-70, she will not mind playing a stout disto well grasse.La country, if you like, it is also for you the scoop!
Hot round and she also knows how ...
Only the hard-rock (and again?!? Not sure to be ridiculous ...) could not buy this guitar
And the twang of the guitar! How wonderful!

I play on a Blackstar Club 40 (all-tube).
An agreement between these two great tools!
I also have a wha-wha cry baby, and what jamman.De spend some time what!


I have been using about 4-5 months, and I am extremely satisfied.
I tried another model, a standard U.S. in 1988 (a pure killing ...), but also in the 90s, fashion was customized with a bigsby, which was removed afterwards. Suddenly, 4-hole digger in the middle ... So I did not buy, but it was not far away. (Apart from the top taken even with the hole ...)

I have in my possession a brand like LP Custom77 (Lyonnaise mark), and an Ibanez RG 270 koréenne.Et I played on TV andy summer replica ... not great! but this is only a matter of taste after all.

What I prefer:
- The look
- Sounds
- The round to fall
- The fact that I know the Spots History of Mexico from scratch is a plus ...

What I hate ... er ... mmmmm .... he ben there!

Paid 800 euros delivered and used, the price is very correct, we should not fall on a guy who believes he has a jewel beyond prix.C is an excellent guitar, but it better ... but much more expensive!

If we had a choice again, I would do with undisguised enthusiasm! Fender Telecaster 52 RI

gilles-coyote's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Better than "real"!"

Fender TL-52
Japanese manufacturing in 1988. In other words, with many U.S. components. In fact, everything except the pickups, which are altogether excellent bill ...
C handle, one piece maple. Varnish on top, glazed button, vintage frets. Mine is equipped with a Wilkinson bridge with 3 brass saddles individually adjustable for each string and mechanical Goldo.
For the rest, 3 position, 2 pickups, 2 knobs as required.
She was stripped and reduced to raw wood. Then I just moved to Balm Antiques to bring out the blond color and protect wood. The record is superb and makes me say that the wood used are of excellent quality.


The handle is on top. The rear is weathered to perfection and the varnish will not stick at all. The key is also painted and it boosts the slamming of this guitar.
The guitar is perfectly balanced and not so heavy that it (obviously Ash). I heard the beast set upon purchase. The action is low, curling free and mini vintage do not fret too much pressure on the button to play. The result is a terrible game comfort. With a radius of 9.5, we end up with a slightly curved handle end and fast ... A delight.
For sound, the neck pickup is fantastic. The blues is undoubtedly his favorite fields. The sound is round, warm and filled with deep bass. Provided the harmonics are easily accessible. Side bridge, the twang is by appointment but I think the mic may be a bit tight. It has less personality than his college Neck ... However, in an intermediate position, we get a balanced sound that suits good rhythm rock! To the funk, the bridge pickup has done its job but does not reach the heights of slamming a good Start ...


For styles and sounds, see above ... With home boss sd1 (overdrive), the sound is huge stick without drooling. SRV has to behave themselves (except for my technique!).
I play mostly on a rotary speaker amp type fairly neutral (but powerful 150w) which has no natural saturation, it is a transistor. So I play with lots of effects. From multi-effects pedals and other type Boss. A "dry" without effect this, the guitar is clear and filled the whole spectrum: From severe acute. Especially on the neck pickup. The bridge pickup gives it about slamming and twang like a great (but without much power, it's true).


I've had four months and played almost every day. I returned from the U.S. qd I came across this opportunity. I was out there tried a lot of U.S. TV models. I wanted a guitar that had lived and did not find ... No kidding, once set, this guitar seemed quite 'natural', affordable and enjoyable. it is not explained, except that a good instrument is a good instrument. It must however agree to its owner. The fact that they have spent tps adjustments, skating the table and other care is probably qque thing ...

TV is an excellent guitar but I had to try several before finding one that suited me. I do not want to stop there ... I designed a Thinline now!

motionless's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender TL-52
Reissue Japanese Telecaster Jazz (if that's the model I, which showed "Jazz Reissue 50) when I bought a bunch of years y '


Overall I'm extremely pleased with this guitar: first it is super fun to play (I had to try a telecaster OCCAZ standard since U.S. and I find my handle much more pleasant (no pun intended).


The sound is typed telecaster but a little brighter. The microphone has really sharp sound incredible.
I played on a Fender performer 1000


I use it for years, I tried many guitars and I'm really satisfied ... I bought OCCAZ 3500 FRANCS y 'at least 15 years and I never missed ... They were not joking Japanese ...