Harley Benton T-16

Harley Benton T-16

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T-16, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

5 user reviews

Harley Benton T-16 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Harley Benton
  • Model: T-16
  • Category: TLC-Shaped Guitars
  • Added in our database on: 04/17/2007

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Harley Benton T-16 user reviews

Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 5 reviews )
 2 reviews40 %
 2 reviews40 %
 1 user review20 %
Value For Money :

valkan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton T-16
I start after a few months of use: Here are the test of the beast:
It made for a Japanese guitar thomann (the site mail order), thus avoiding to add taxes and logistics costs in factory prices. (Just as with Dell). So do not compare the price with other entry level guitars ... (Discussed below)

22 frets on a handle end and enough fast enough, not quite the same as that of the Squier but very very enjoyable to play (especially thanks to the satin finish)
2 micros simple configuration of the conventional TV with the bridge pickup most conventional possible, and the neck pickup in the famous small format unique to this model of guitar.
Telecaster bridge's also very classic. Can be a bit too, I think it "breaks" just the overall design but this is a matter of taste.
Simple adjustments of 2 knobs (tone and volume) and a neck pickup selector / 2 the microphone / pickup. And at least when you touch these settings, it changes the sound, which is not always the case alone, mostly on Stagg to name a few ...


Now consider:

The handle is, as mentioned above, very nice because on the one hand very end, and satin. The hand slides alone is happiness. However, the key and the handle being clear, it is better not to touch the beast with your hands or it grimey risk score. (Or else wash the stick with every use, it goes without saying)

In terms of access to acute ... While there is typically Telecaster. No problem to play in steering a ground from the 15th box. Also easy to reach the three upper strings until the last box (22nd) after it gets complicated. There I will not open any discussion on this, it's still the Telecaster ... Personally, I do not get to too sharp and I never noticed or gene, or problems of any kind to play in this regard ...

For the general form is still and always the same, we like it or not. Me, I love it. Note that this guitar is heavy but it is very annoying. (I'm not the kind tough, and I wear it up for several hours without problem).

Let's talk about the finish ... The guitar is "blonde" that is not beige, not white, between the two. (And it varies depending on the light). We see the wood grain through and suddenly it's pretty nice but. Note also that the guitar is not made in one piece. Even if you have to be very very willing to realize it, the nuances may occur between the glued parts of the body. In all cases the quality of the painting is perfect. It's really the highlight of a guitar of this price. Worthy of a squier I think, and in any case, more than a stagg ...
Be careful though, the mechanics seem very solid, I had the other advance so I changed and I can not tell if it worth it or not ...


The guitar is beautiful, comfortable, missing the essential: the sound.

This guitar is called "versatile". Whole personality of this guitar découlle directly from the neck pickup uses so special that makes a round and fat. Is adjusted a bit the tone for a more jazzy or bluesy or sound more similar to that of an acoustic guitar.

The bridge pickup gives a very acute lens, perfect for solos. The even touch the knob tone can dramatically change the sound to go screaming to the sound of his heavy.

And if you put the two together: the sound will be a good offense and good resonance. And may be heavy or light depending on the tone control. Be sure of a good amp and powerchord can get the sound of black desire or Luke or groups of French rock fan of the TV (who said "almost all"?).

The problem is that his microphone may be missing some fishing (especially if you play along with a wonderful guitar with 3 humbucker active). In general terms, what the mics that suffer most from the cost so low. But in Guitarfetish for € 30 it's OK with a very beautiful hotrail (humbucker format with super simple triangular telecaster) which will even be able to give an even greater range of adjustment. But this operation only if you play with crafty and humbucker equipped with all who refuse to turn down the sound. Otherwise it remains relatively playable ...

Frize guitar epiphone SG less than a buddy (ie it does not Frize), and much less than the stagg another friend ... It happens not resolved, but after a short adjustment of the curvature of the handle, the height of the strings, harmonics, ect ect .. it becomes very pleasant. The bars are all alone (it even shocked me at first they seemed so simple: D)

Finally: the sustain! It's a pleasant surprise for a guitar of this price, the sustain seems very correct. The stag stratocaster, after 8 seconds, more sound at all ... While there he is shot and I love leaving notes whistled shrill ...

NB: the mail is not isolated and I strongly advice line the bottom of the guitar aluminum grounded significantly reducing background noise possibly (requires use of simple micro)


Good balance here with a little explanation:
This guitar costs 100 €.
And I strongly advise buying at least a small hotrail, and some small mechanical guitar fetish home for example.
You'll get € 150 in total and some effort. But at that time, you guitar much better than any others that will cost 150 to 200 €.
The standard copying TV is for me the Squiers. And for a price 2-3 times, you will much better ...
So for me a very good price / quality ratio.

With regard to repeat this choice: let's be clear, it is better than all stagg Cort and I have used so far (especially the finish) and for me is equivalent to the Squier / Epiphone, and especially ideal for begin. (First guitar as such it avoids spending 6 months trying to work its blocked by saying "but why is not his own" and realize that by changing the guitar, it's just that friz ...) In the end, I recommend this brand to my friends and I much prefer to play great success on the guitar, rather than moderately well on a much more expensive guitar, like a real fender. So I'll keep this guitar long enough I think (the time to learn how to play) because, unlike 90% of guitars of this price, you can really play that guitar!

charpy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton T-16
Tl copy made in china, translucent gray-beige finish.
aa tl has everything a Premire view there was no big rglages to do, just adjustments of the handle, the height of cordres ...

I played with for 6 months on good transparent tube amps.

a step back and craft it is a beautiful copy of a sound point of view. a soooooonne!


The handle is gross sanding so it glides well, no fret n'accroche. it's pretty late and I find it very enjoyable.
BUT: a band ended up dcoller partly from its slot so beautiful frisette appeared, the handle is very lgrement spin so it is not possible to have a string height perfectly homogeneous only the width of the handle, the wood of the handle is not superior quality (LGERS points prmices nodes, trs LIGHT twist ...).
of course it has relative to the price of the instrument, and there is nothing dramatic, it's still fully playable.

fittings is limited: easel who raps a little hand, and a plaque of mcaniques bomb which "floats" when changing the strings.

the body is composed of 4 or 5 blades assembled (in the original ash as after thomann)


I play blues and rock mostly on tube amp (www.projetG5.com)

bridge pickup is quite honorable correct sensitivity, a lot of dynamic and well foil (a similar property has a tl. it goes very well in crunch and saturated lgre but too prsence plain, so sounds a bit gling-gling)

+ easel in the neck position is pretty well balanced sound, it is still clear enough but much less showy, the bass is a correct level (for tl.'s my posistion prf re as it is versatile enough for the rhythmic (reggae, folk, blues), the riffs (rock), in clean, crunch and saturated!

the neck pickup is totally blocked there preque bass, midrange and not much above, we must take on the treble knob to compensate but it's not very crdible, the dynamics is affected . Chrome hood is a mass problem, and I guess that's what pissed off that cover the highs and definition. clean sound, it goes so, and crunch as well. on the other hand you lose all of Intrets amp lamp shades are gums, the dynamic is crass, the sound is bad Dfine ...

NEWS: I finally removed this *! # Hood chrome neck pickup. it's just because you have galre disassemble the handle to remove the plate and screws accder to the microphone.

In any case the change is radical: the neck pickup has its Dfine and is gentle enough, with serious but not Submitted rounds, just mdiums creuss and treble ends. is that of happiness.
It goes very well with the neck pickup in the center position of slecteur. the sound gradually evolves when moving from one position to another slecteur. it's perfect. As a note for her from 3 to 9;)


In general I am satisfied with this scratch trs.

It some default but nothing catastrophic from the neck pickup in state of origin. (I'm pretty sure that was just the cover that must be chrome steel (magntisable) instead of being nickel or stainless steel. Never mind the look of these days I will sacrifice it.)
EDIT-this is done and that changes everything! -

For a floor price was a real guitar and not a piece of wood with strings on it poses. it is quite enjoyable to play.
the sound is round and clear in the neck position.
in the bridge position is well-typed tl.

I put 8 in the end because it has excellent sound in spite of its default: remove a micro cache, the hoop and handle stray trslgrement spin does not seem to evolve.

ironbull's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" IRONMONGER"

Harley Benton T-16






to 88th is not reversible, it is equipped with the lowest range that can be found in the woods, pickups and the rest, conclusion, not pretty to watch, rough finish, the microphones pick up, it is the guitar that the Canada Dry is alcohol ...... and even the Canada Dry was good ....

SUPEREBA's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Harley Benton T-16
telecaster copy less than 100 € (77) pretty well finished. the frets do not hang on as some original 10 times more expensive


easy to play good ergonomics
light enough


is connected and the sound is consistent TV. simply and efficiently.
mics have good fishing c "is quite accurate in the low farm
especially for blues rock, country, jazz .... You can find it easily
I prefer the sound cleans.
compared with a Squier Affinity (j "a) is more powerful, more dynamic and clear in the grave
attacks are good.
it is still not at a distance 52 but ... for the price


This guitar is amazing for its price and far superior to other more expensive
It will suit those seeking a telecaster sound cheap ... I find it much closer to its original TV remote that squier affinity.

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