Harley Benton T-1952
Harley Benton T-1952

T-1952, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Harley Benton.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 3 reviews )
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SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Duffer ...!"

Harley Benton T-1952
April 2013, alder body maple neck Rican Canad, trestle bridges ashtray steel strings through the body, micro bridge wilkinson wilkinson rwrp neck, vintage mechanical.

Finish the sublime body, no hazardous fittings, she throws!
Therefore flat satin finished, well finished frets and above level issue look this way is in mint condition (with a bit of wear it will top) relative to the body.

The pickups are Rican type pads are magnetized directly and not through a ferrite bar stuck in the sole of the microphones (Asian standard), the son maousse sturdy fabric.
For the price not looking.


Good little tiring round, flat key ensures that bends without frieze. 21 boxes will bender ...

The machine is quite heavy but the ergonomics are extra (the body well-rounded edges, it changes everything) standing as sitting.

The ashtray is mandatory for me on a Tele as it is comfortable (the corners are flat here) and pretty. No worries intonation despite three bridges and thread Sausage articles which is always nice.

The neck pickup is reversed in noise environment, cool position.
The neck pickup is cut to size humbucker, notice to schtroumps handymen!


Good sustain and good body, it's sweet / hot handle and bright / aggressive in bridge together we fonk fonk.

The difference compared to Asian standards microphones we see, this is more distinct / detailed / sly. The color is quite dark compared to texas special, more smokey.

In clean is perfect for lots of styles, crunch is quite royal in distortion well it buzzes too.
Not a scoop!
As there is room I installed a phantom coil (in series with the bridge pickup in lead position) and finished parasites, suddenly the sound distortion is extra finesse and articulation while having enough drive.


Hallucinating again Harley is a beautiful time to buy, not such a quality / price ratio can persist much longer.

Everything is good, the pickups too, and I need the information for the ghost is a mod that damn worth it.

I had a telecaster baja, 700 roros past and a beautiful stew in the end ... Attention attack trolls in sight!

jeanchristophe.me's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Lutherie correct its means"

Harley Benton T-1952
Ash body in one piece
Maple neck with button reported, fairly thick profile D, 21 frets.
Configuration microphones classic three-position selector
Fixed bridge, non-through strings.


The handle seemed to be fairly thick at first, it needs to be done. The key has a fairly flat radius, while the Fender Tele "reissue" 1952 has a shorter radius, offering a touch more curved.
Personally, I do not worship the flat keys, but my taste.
The weight and balance are correct, access to treble is pretty easy.
The tuners are vintage style and a little cheap. I found the "soft" and they go out of tune easily.
As stated in previous opinions, the guitar arrives set incorrectly: Action too high harmonics do not.
The frets are limitations: for some poorly polished, the glue that sticks out.


I always test electric guitar unplugged. If the sound is bad, the pickups will not change anything. For HBT1952, the sound is good, équilbré bass / treble, sustain is correct for a bolt-on neck and can be improved by making the strings traversing (which I planned to do).

Once connected, I knew she was a board at 120 €: the sound is average.
The microphone has a severe low output, low treble. The pickup is mightier acute, but the attack is violent screaming limit. OK, a Tele should have the "twang", but there is a bit steep.
Knob The tone is very effective and regular, the volume "crachouille" a little. Made in China ...

I found the sound of the Tele, but messy.


I say honestly, I bought this guitar to disassemble and rebuild completely.
The body and neck are good, but the rest is up to the price. That means.
In contrast, 125 € for a good body and a handle correctly, it's a good price! ;-)

gregzerozero's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good to turn"

Harley Benton T-1952
1952 copies of pure Tele made in china.

Ash body, U neck profile, switch 3 positions

The guitar arrived well packed, with a cable.


Good is a copy of tele therefore qualities and defects of the original ... Body flat as a breadboard, a little lighter than the original (I have a fender baja tele to compare).
The balance is good as it plays up, no flaws. It looks like a mistake there but the dimensions are a little different. As I received it I thought "there is something odd about the proportions" and are superimposed on the 2, the bin body Harley is a bit smaller. Bah ca


has the sound of a scratching at 120euros. The guitar does not set so high action, poor harmonic trussrod has loosened so much that when one hears claps on the handle. But once settled, it sounds ... it just dja ca. The pickups are very average. Me I bought a replica of Fender Esquire so I completely disassembled, sanded, painted, recovered from mechanical fender, fender bridge and micro fender and ultimately it sounds almost like a fender, but there's more value in its attachments in the guitar


Good what we expect from a little scratching at 120euros? Probably not a real Fender. However the finish is very correct, the frets are burr wood is very correct, nothing is ca ca 100euros. For the rest of the AC must apply Squier Affinity.
For the price knowing that c'ezt correct Thomann should always take bunddle like that for the same price you 129euros plus 1 string sets EHX, 5 picks, and a 1m cable that's not bad. Given the price I put 7