Squier Joe Trohman Telecaster
Squier Joe Trohman Telecaster

Joe Trohman Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Artist series.

Public price: $599 VAT
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strat'man 08/28/2014

Squier Joe Trohman Telecaster : strat'man's user review


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While the features are very good and made me buy a guitar without trying it!
- Alder body with the true standard sizes! (Back of the body is ergonomic as a Start ', what I was looking on a telecaster, I sold a US std telecaster for that, I often played sitting and I not find it comfortable to play)
- Channel satin-C (I do not want a thick varnish, I sold a strat 'classic 70 because of this, the U-shaped bag was too heavy for me hair), radius of 12 key so very flat ( I was a little afraid of not liking it, I'm used to the radius to 9.5 ...), Rosewood key. It measures 43mm at nut (thus wider than the classic vibe, I had not bought the CV telecaster because of the handle too late: 41 mm, such as affinity !!!)
Special mention for the inning with an exemplary finish, even access to trussroad is finished with a small room stamped (like on American !!! surprising !!! I expected the plasitque as I thought I saw photos), the satin finish is beautiful!
- The configuration is interesting HSH pickups and microphones seem good (well it is not a high-end microphones of course), but the guitar sounds really good original ...

For those who would like to upgrade (I bought it with the idea to change the pickups, only the violin interested me), the violin is frankly very very good, even amazing price sold! Mine has the body in two parts with an almost invisible junction in the center of the guitar, it took me 5 minutes to find it, turning the guitar from different angles, from the front is believed to see a single piece of wood very high quality, beautiful veining !!!
Well for now I'll keep it as original pickups sound really great (though I have an excellent Van Zandt trubucker Hot bridge awaits warm, a Custom Shop Texas Special in the middle ... I still thinking for the neck pickup ...).


The highlight of the guitar is to be super fun to play !!!
The neck is great, it was really good in hand, it is thin enough without being too much, it looks like a very good handle Start 'button but with a flat, perfect for bends ... really I feared for the radius 12 (SRV signature strat also the radius to 12), but it's a good discovery on this guitar with the C-shaped handle, the guitar has a really great handle!
The rear of the body smashes way strat is good too (which made me buy this model, price too ...)
For sounds against it to look (many possibilities), for example I just found out (nowhere it says in the features) than middle pickup position, if you put 0 or 10 volume "1 "then the sound is totally different (it seems that switches mics, as if you went to the double middle bridge), same with volume 2 (it seems we spend the middle pickup double handle ... position 2 and 4 appears to have been the middle and splitted humbuckers (by removing the guitar I could understand why)
In short a lot of nice mic positions, we can recover the typical telecaster sounds and sounds thicker through humbuckers ...


Meanwhile, well I'm really surprised because I was expecting not great mics, and no, they really sound great !!!
The bridge reminds me of the micro SD SH4, the central microphone is a good mic Start 'with a good level of output (surprisingly, he seems to have as much punch as the humbuckers yet already have a very good level of output), microphone handle is also very good, oriented in the "fat" sounds (although it's still very definite, no draft so far ...)
I thought quickly change the pickups, but I'll wait so I like the original guitar ... (not sure if I decide to change them so I like the original guitar!)
I play mainly blues-rock, especially in clear-crunch sounds, but with this guitar play bass overdrive becomes fun again ..., microphones incite ... !!! :-)
I currently play guitar with a Fender Roc Pro 1000 and Ampeg GVT5 (all very nice small lamps), the guitar responds frankly very well with 2 amps, but I think with all proper amp (or very good) guitar sound great! (Even without changing the pickups!)


Frankly I do not find fault with this guitar, on the contrary I am totally amazed, better finish the Start 'Mex (classic 60 std or who already have an excellent finish!).
I could not imagine finding a body as beautiful in 2 parts !!! (I found it only on American and american deluxe reissue ... !!!). The handle also is really successful, although I do not really want the head 70 'on this guitar it gives him a rock'n'roll look great!
The guitar is really prettier in real life than in photos ... (especially the handle has a nice satin finish slightly "orange" which seems to have aged, it looks really natural, not overdone like some guitars ...) in the advertising photo color handle "raw wood" but you'd think at all, he stained and it's really nice!
I do not know Joe Trohman, but this guitar is frankly very good, I do not regret buying this model Squier Deluxe signature!
Then the icing on the cake: the special price ... see more at music store "type Fender Joe Trohman" ... !!! :-))) WOW !!!
If you are looking for a Telecaster with a beautiful violin that sounds very well (and we can certainly make excellent microphones with high-end), then look no further, even if like me head is 70 not a priori what you are looking for ... (on this model it's super cute!)
I recommend very strongly that model exemplary finish ... (I had 2 Squier Strat 'Standard, which are not bad, but nothing compares to this one off !!! The promo price is already more than justified the promo price is simply a matter not to be missed!)
By all logic I note the maximum everywhere, not that the guitar is the best guitar in the world, but in this price range you will not find better, it will look in the upper ranges to find equivalent.
New Chinese productions are truly amazing, the CVs are also very good (but I do not like the stick gloss varnish, I prefer the satin that glides better ...).
I will update my review if I change the pickups ... but already the original guitar is a very very good guitar ... (the handle alone is worth the price of the guitar! The body is also a very beautiful piece of violin, it's so rare to see such a beautiful alder body into 2 parts! And the pickups are frankly very convincing, we can change them for other types of sounds, but the majority will keep the guitar from origin and be completely happy, but when you have a guitar you say that given the violin, better microphones could make the guitar as good as the best Telecasters ... (I had a telecaster american std HS and 52 Reissue ... excellent guitars but the ergonomics did not like it so I've always then turned to the Start ').
Do not be fooled by marketing that grows snobbery to have a "real" Fender (very good guitars), Squier is also maintaining excellent guitars that have nothing to envy the Fender but with a very low price terms of quality! Try this deluxe Squier signature, I think you will understand my enthusiasm for this beautiful guitar ... (and I was hesitant to buy despite the promo, I'm really happy to have taken it to the point that I think seriously to sell my Fender usa that does not give me more pleasure than the Squier ...)