Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH
Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH

Vintage Modified Tele SSH, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

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Allstage 06/24/2009

Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH : Allstage's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Factory: Indonesia
Number of frets: 21
Pickups: Duncan Designed TE-103B Stack (Bridge)
Duncan Designed SC-102 Stack (Middle)
Duncan Design MH-101 Mini Humbucking Pickup (Neck)
Bridge: Fender Telecaster Type
Rglages: Volume 1
1 Tone
1 5-way switch
Neck: Maple
Body: Cedar


Channel: Super pleasant (I t even surprised that it be so
Access to acute: Easy, no need to force it.
Form: The tastes and colors that has not argue (Very nice finish)
Weight: 4kg I let you judge
Good sound ?: Yes without an amp, guitar in it even sounds very good.


Music style: Suitable for Rock / Hard Rock Use
Amps: Can play it on any amp, all depends of the sonority that we want to look.
Effect: Wah Fits perfectly, but we can put other effects.
Sound: According to the amps and effects chosen, we get a clear sound, or hot.
Sound that I prefer: His clear
dteste: His bold


What I like most about this guitar:
-Its Form
-His Handle
-Its Microphones for clean
What I like least about this guitar:
-Its Microphones for the big distortion. (But still correct)

QualitPrix Report: Super, good for about 300 grat