Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH
Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH

Vintage Modified Tele SSH, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

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jayjx77 01/25/2011

Squier Vintage Modified Tele SSH : jayjx77's user review


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Maple neck, C shape, while simple, it's slippery, it bende is nickel!
Mics: 2 singles and 1 mini humbucker.
Telecater body, very nice color Artic White, Black pickguard.


The handle, as I said above, is perfect.
Standing, the guitar is well balanced and is lightweight. Sitting is good too.
The pickups have 5 positions, but only two opposing positions are valid for me. The positions of the medium are "neutral."

Compared with normal Telecaster, the plate location of knobs and pickups selector is in reverse. It is a bad choice for my taste because when I do the rhythm, I "break" often the little finger on the volume pot just below. Already the position of the right hand is not easy to find right away on a Telecaster (compared to a Les Paul or SG), this choice of position of knobs is rather a handicap.

Well, you will understand, to share an investment right hand a little uncomfortable, the playability of the neck is very correct, and the pickups are not bad but does not relegate to the dustbin of basic lipstick, nay! To make


Black Desire with Marshall amp, rock, funk, sounds clear enough, but with a nice little grain.
Note that we always the little "twang" of the very nice Telecaster.


I use it for 3 weeks and am still learning to know, so for some negative points that I think today I might contradict the next few months. ^ ^

I bought it used on the net and so I did not try before you buy ...

I love to bend on the handle and has a great performance.

I would do if this election? Remaining on a Telecaster, in color, race, weight, balance, tone, I'm pretty happy, but compared to the microphones, I think I would have opted for either a Standard Tele (2 single pickups) and then literally a Tele Custom (2 double pickups) with a pickguard and knobs elongated staggered and do not interfere.

In short, with its mini humbucker this guitar is slightly more versatile in sound but it plays in two different schools during the coup and lacks a little character. It did not sound Strato!

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