Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom

Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

Public price: $499 VAT
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Micmic__ 10/27/2009

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom : Micmic__'s user review


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see precedents posts, shielding the body with a good layer of insulating paint and wiring rather well done although I think here must be different from one room to another)

first prize.

assembly full hard (I had to add some wood filler holes in the heel of the neck which 2 were virtually stripped and no rights, I also had to re-center the plate that supports the pickups, I have the opportunity to flush down the bridge)

so you have to get your hands dirty

she has a good mouth


heavy enough,
access to acute rather good considering the "neck socket"
efforts must be made to find a sound that goes well (not bad settings)


by-against, there just has a good range of usable sounds
for any style I find a sound,

for me, it is necessary that my guitar is of the character and it's done.

I must specify that I am a "riffeur"


bought last Christmas
it's a good guitar for a beginner who does not have a Swiss account and is not confined to one style in particular (although ...

except for the pure metalheads

the handle is made for lumberjacks, too thick for me at first (I have a sl400g marlin and the handle is highway-land, nothing to see), but we made it
Change the outset strings and opt for the 11-52

after as I said above, it is still déstinée to scratch-mechanics (it will not be delivered in a box velvet that one but in a beautiful cardboard)

will see the test Chatreeo on youtube to the sounds, even if it's just limited to the position selector

m.à.j: for a beginner, put a little more and take a hagstrom (good cash scratches and cheap)