Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom
Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom

Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier in the Telecaster series.

Public price: $499 VAT
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bfrete 06/22/2014

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Custom : bfrete's user review

«  excellent alternative to much more expensive fender! »

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Made in Indonesia
2 volumes and 2 tones like all custom TV 72 and a 3-position selector
the neck is maple including key
Easel TV classic single microphone
humbucker Fender "Wide Range" in the neck and Duncan Design TE-101B
microphones excellent for this price range
the only problem on the board, the selection of the wood body, Coles 4 pieces to each other without any logic assembly to harmonize the grain, the aesthetic is made to kick in line with the price of this guitar but a sunburst that not forgive, we are very far from a U.S. finish that makes perfect sense ..


the neck is maple with a one room with a superb vintage honey glaze
profile is identical to my 40th anniversary stratocaster U.S., a little more
bigger and rounder than on my TV SQ classic vibe 50. the accuracy of the shaft is perfectly straight along its entire length, no strip (after a good adjustment) even in the extreme treble, planning frets is perfect, worthy of much more expensive violin


Customers who bought this guitar used, the previous owner installed a humbucker in the bridge DiMarzio Tone Zone in simple format, so I express myself not on the bridge pickup .. quality duncan TE-101B design is apparently found in all reviews I've read even if you do not really know if these pickups duncan design really come from a production Semour duncan
However I am surprised by the performance of wide range, I was expecting a humbucker lambda lacking clarity and precision but this is not the case, nice surprise! very nice microphone that has heat and shine with a good potato and a nice crunch from that teases gain. I further tested the DiMarzio which seems to defend himself in saturated but sorely lacking dynamic clear sound for my taste, the intermediate position has not really convinced me, it is not impossible that I go back to the duncan place to confirm ..


I've just acquire this guitar so it's still a bit early to be totally definitive and categorical on the machine but a priori as often with Squier series "vintage modified" and "classic vibe" have a price extremely quality report Interestingly, these guitars are much more than instruments for beginners, and are an excellent alternative to more expensive Fender. if the price is an important criterion that you not be too fussed about the finish (wood graining and contour of the pickguard) and you already own the upscale but want
diversify your guitar set cost, have no hesitation, jump on these shovels will give real pleasure!