Apple iPad
Apple iPad

iPad, Touch tablet from Apple in the iPad series.

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Average Score:4.0( 4/5 based on 13 reviews )
 7 reviews54 %
 3 reviews23 %
 2 reviews15 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

tjon901's review"Tablets are back"

Apple iPad
When I was a little kid I remember when Apple came out with the Newton. It was not very well received and died off pretty quickly. When the Ipad was announced many people thought it would be another Newton. There had been tablets on the market already but most of them were laptop based with reverseable screens. Apple decided to make its own tablet that is just a tablet. They put out a lightweight device with a large screen that doubled as the keyboard. This device is more like a large ipod touch than a normal laptop based tablets. The device is much easier to carry around than a laptop so it is more portable. For the simple things it does it does them very well on a base level it is more reliable than a laptop. Many people were critical of this device when it came out because it didnt really have any purpose. Since it is a closed device you have less control over the operating system than you do with a real laptop. All the applications have to come through the Apple system and Apple has strong restrictions on what applications can do. But it seems Apple has created an industry for it when it came out. There are millions of applications and games for the device and it can be used for many different things. Recently some music and guitar applications have come out and you can use it with your guitar rig. There are applications and special cables that let you plug your guitar into the device and use the device as a simple amp modeler. There are many different versions of the Ipad out nowadays and the prices vary widely. Think about what you will use it for and what features you need. If you dont need 3g than you can save hundreds of dollars.

Hatsubai's review"The touch pad that started it all"

Apple iPad
The Apple iPad is Apple’s first jump into the tablet world, and they took an interesting twist on it. Instead of having a laptop that doubles as a touch screen tablet, they ditched the keyboard all together in favor of a lightweight touch screen with some flash memory built-in, along with a special smart phone processor.

Since this device came out, I’ve been critical of it. For one, I have no real use for it, but it seems to have created one huge hype machine that has left everyone else struggling to compete with Apple in the new touch pad tablet market. The first thing you notice when you pick the device up is that it’s light. That’s probably its biggest advantage compared to laptops more than anything else. Besides its iOS geared for lightweight browser work, the device itself isn’t cumbersome to use every day. It’s easier and faster than booting up a laptop or netbook, and it can do the features that many of those lower end laptops can do.

You don’t have total free reign over the OS like you do with a normal laptop, and that’s part of its appeal. You have specific apps you use, just like with Apple’s very own iPhone. This allows people to not have to worry about figuring out file paths for different files, finding out what’s compatible, etc. One of the coolest features I’ve found is that you can use this as its own mixing device in conjunction with Logic Pro. That app alone almost makes it worth it.

If you’re going to get the iPad, you might be better off with the first generation version as it’s cheaper and has somewhat similar performance. I also don’t think the 3G is worth it, but it depends on if you need to always be downloading your ebooks wherever you may be.

Pucelle_Dabidjan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" THE useless brodule the time"

Apple iPad
I do not use it. I had the opportunity to use it simply, and I wanted to give my opinion on this crap.

Perfect for work bureauti ... not ha ... tapping on a touchscreen is really crap actually ... and try to point out anything in a really precise (photoshop, ect) without a mouse falls within the challenge. But on the other hand, it is very effective for intern ... either ... in fact it is highly interdependent on the speed of the network, which is not fantastic in Switzerland. At rush hour, for example, one is often confronted with very long loading times for simple navigation, not even need to think about multimedia use. At worst, the width of the slab is sufficient to quell the previously recorded video. But almost everywhere, it is illegal and very expensive. It depends.
So it can be used for the studio? Yes ... of course! And it also works well as a good turn mac pro ... actually no, again this is crap. You can try to make the acquisition of 8 tracks via sound card lynx with this stuff ... I am not convinced that it works (can we connect??). We did the same, but on two tracks via a special connector, and we already had a lot of lag, forcing them to reduce the quality of acquisition and limit its effects. Otherwise, as mentioned by others, there are interface for these tasks, but they are a deplorable average. As MIDI controller, you can consult the reviews below, I have not even needed.

By-cons, you can make full of useless stuff with, like playing Angry Birds, call, take photos. Everything you can already do on mobile good quality, but you pay the air con.

Seriously, this ... a tablet computer is neither able nor decent mobile phone or a camera. This is a transgender who falls flat in almost all situations.

Furthermore, the buyer INDIRECTLY INVOLVED IN SUICIDE OF TENS OF EMPLOYEES abused, encourages the Nazi policy of apple and makes co-responsible for mistreatment of human beings.

So it will be without me.

Edit: eight persons indirectly involved in suicide dozens of employees have not found my review helpful. Thank you to the other two.

Daeth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Essential"

Apple iPad
I can only recommend the use of the iPad in the studio, mobile or not!
Not particularly fond of the Apple brand (or refractory), the musical possibilities are increasingly present!
by coupling an external interface (purchased 30 € to the apple store) and AmpliTube, guitarists have something to burst. More viable sequencers (the Meteor compatible audiobus) have appeared.
While it is still expensive (I bought the iPad retina), but value for money is unbeatable for a tablet. In addition, the latency is very low compared to other OS

rombautsdidier's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A multi-purpose tool"

Apple iPad
For 2 years, this iPad, which I share with Madame, allow me to surf mostly, read news through an RSS reader but also to control Logic Pro 9, through the application control-v.

This is my first digital tablet and I find it handy.

A remake, the iPad 2 or 3 would be better but I would use to 20% of its possibilities ... The first name is good enough especially since I have the iPhone 4 ...

trz_303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Nice gadget ..."

Apple iPad
Used for over a year.

Originally purchased for its ability to touch midi control, overall good, very customizable, but quite difficult to configure to keep everything stable.
Once configured, you realize pretty quickly that the touch is nice but it requires precision that is difficult to provide a shelf so small.
In the end I went back to hardware controllers.

To toy: some nice audio application, but really gadget ... until he has a mini-jack output, do not enter an audio setup some serious ...

floperry's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" oh baby i love you so"

Apple iPad
I use this ipad this morning!

so it's fresh but have owned and tried a lot of midi controllers (edirol pcr 500, korg nano series 2, emu xboard 25 ...) I was surprised at the pleasure of the machine on which I spit for his multimedia applications between laptop and netbook iphone: useless.

By discovering the amazing applications that programmers have created brilliant (control "midi") IPAD offers a real alternative to its applications funny but often unnecessary.

It is a pure MIDI controller easy to install (on Mac anyway) and a minimum of 16 GB version with no 3G (for mobile Internet subscription - in addition to the smartphone) available at 480 euros for the nine may be justified in my opinion Touchable and TouchOSC to offering full control of ableton and intuitive, fast, efficient.

Some prefer the relief of a rotary knob or fader to "3D" but if one is not angry with the touch it rocks!

With touchable, the IPAD is knowing the contents of your project and you have at your fingertips:

To control your plug-ins? snap mode noon, click on the knobs you want to adjust, he added in the form of a meter in touch Able

Modules for specific ableton (drumrack, EQs, auto-filter and Co, they are directly recognized in touchable (not assignment as previously mentioned for plugins)

To view the modules on your computer screen and controllers, all touch on is able, by touching the different effects on the IPAD

Well I metals, watch videos,
for those with 500 euros and a need to secure control, complete, intuitive, unique? (Cf. kinds of lemurs?) But are put off by the side touch yet relatively precise and enjoyable will be a revolution.

section of clips, (the names of the clips, etc. modules are displayed in a colorful interface), sections mixer devices, assignable XY pad giant Wishing, like mpc pads (less cool than the beautiful), double keyboard (there still nothing beats the keys in relief, even if you do not play piano), here you mentioned what?

I play direct, intuitive, immersive, creative and constructive.

The purchase would be enough .. 250-300 euros for a ipad 1 used (even the musical possibilities 2)

Yes I do it again this election! A second? sisi is possible! But gluttony is not fishing Mwaha

welcommme to die;)

azzo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" apple pie"

Apple iPad
How long have you use it?
For 1 year
What is so special that you like most and least?
The higher the MS20
Minimum: connectivity and plug it or flash? (In your apple!)
Have you tried many other models before buying it? not
How would you rate the quality / price? bof
With experience, you do again this choice? not

J.Yves's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Apple iPad
After some hesitation, especially in times of price I succumbed to offers operators .. What do you want the shelf for 250 euros it can not refuse ..
I do not know if at the very beginning the idea of Apple was just a musician but to date the shelf on one side and the other apps to make it an indispensable tool for the musician ..
You tell me that a computer can do better! It's true!
But I who am constantly moving I can move all my stuff to complete my desires and ...... The iPad arrived ....
How fortunate to be able to play the guitar work between noon and two or simply pauffiner my compositions on the train ..
The ergonomics of this tablet bury any laptop or not ..
At home she outrageously complete my hardware and what about the last-minute jams ..
Not that the top and I think we are at the beginning of future surprises awaits us ..
I could compare the iPad to its competitors and there also no pictures ..
What makes the magnitude of the iPad outside its own perfs remain huge selection of apps available and especially among recent work quality or sound quality of some ...
I do not regret this purchase and I encourage even develloppeurs continue to give us these wonderful apps that I facillities life ...
I will not say a word to finish ....
Waouwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww !!!!!!!




riggs 6212/07/2010

riggs 62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Apple iPad
You want the ultimate wireless touchpad, here ^ ^

I use it with AC7 core apps (remote for cubase for me), midi touch (MIDI control surface fully customizable) and pianist pro (midi keyboard)

everything is manageable in multitasking and really does answer the hair!

roughly 500 euros for an INVESTMENT AND 50aine euros app, I have almost the equivalent of a CC121 and a axiom25 ....

softwares also excellent internal (ielectribe korg, korg ims20 for 30aine euros)

the size of the screen is comfortable and almost perfect for precise control and very pleasant

In addition, accessories can be connected directly to midi hardware

ipad the young, the best is yet to come!